Dreamhost Unlimited Webhosting Plan

Dreamhost, world's best shared webhosting service, celebrating their 11th anniversary by giving first 1111 new customers unlimited bandwidth and storage. They already allows unlimited users, websites, email accounts, mysql databases on all of their account.

If you are a reader of this blog, then you might have come across Dreamhost’s unlimited hosting plan few days back. It was limited time offer and many people regretted about not making decision in meantime.

Now its time to come over it as Dreamhost reintroduced there Unlimited hosting plan for limited period. This time they haven’t mentioned date (or I might have missed it) but its only for first 1111 customers.

There is one interesting change to Dreamhost policy in meantime. They now offer 50GB space for personal backup on each account. You may find this offer somewhat crazy as you are already getting unlimited storage. Even though you can get unlimited hosting with many webhosts none of them allow it to be used for personal backups as per Terms of Service (ToS).

Finally, enjoy $50 discount by using promo code DW50.

Link: Signup for Dreamhost (promo code included in link)


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Abhishek September 19, 2008

50GB backup space will be lot enough for backup !!

Deepak September 22, 2008

@ Rahul:
Guess again you are going to make hundreds of dollars 😉

Rahul Bansal September 25, 2008

Yep. When I decided to sort out my very important files they turn out to be around 5GB only!

Well this time, it won’t happen! It would have worked if they would have given this scheme after 6 months gap or something like that.

Deepak September 27, 2008

@Rahul Bansal – 🙁 I thought you are luck this time too 😛

Rahul Bansal September 27, 2008

Well one can’t be lucky everyday… 😉

Sreenu September 27, 2008

hi budy… there is a company named w3axis give unlimited hosting. i think its not a limited time offer. url is http://www.w3axis.com

Rahul Bansal October 1, 2008

They charge around $2700. You can buy 25 years unlimited plan from Dreamhost with it! 🙂

moneymanager October 3, 2008

hi rahul.
could you please recomend some domain name registrar, in india.
i mean just for domain name.

Rahul Bansal October 4, 2008

I really use GoDaddy only.
Is there any specific reason for going after Indian registrar??

Gaurav October 5, 2008

I think the basic reason why people prefer Indian registrars, because many offer direct bank transfers, and You have to pay in INR. Still GoDaddy is best

moneymanager October 7, 2008

hi, rahul
naha lo, nahin to pani chala jayega,lol.just kiddin.
well rahul bhai, if you come across the page of godaddy from google search,
trust me more than about 50% are about how daddy fleesed people.
horror stories of sites being brought down for spam SHIKAYAT by some people.
to be frank, i dunno if its true, but it kind of scares you.
well as for the indian registrars, many of them are not even registered with icann.
so its kind of confusing.
and yes offcourse its true what the previous reader GAURAV said.
long ask from me???
take care

Gaurav October 7, 2008

Frankly saying, never had a problem with Godaddy as of yet. Namecheap is another good service provider. As far as Indian Registrars go, Whiz.in is a good one, going by the reviews on various Indian Domain Forums. Another good part when you go with Godaddy is they provide you with free hosting(shared) although it is ad supported. So if you are using domain on a Platform like Blogger it comes as a pleasure to have a free host to store your scripts and data.

Deepak Jain October 7, 2008

Even I use Godday. 😛

Albert October 7, 2008

Hi Rahul Bansal,

Is it is True Unlimited Plan?

Can I host YouTube Like sites? Or Can I host Flash Game files in theirs server?

If they allow that Video hosting, Can I get Full Backup feature?

Please answer me.. If there is no such restriction I’ve to purchase hosting plan…

Rahul Bansal October 8, 2008

I think it will be better to ask them. 🙂
Normally no shared hosting plan allow services life file-sharing and video-sharing is essentially same.
Here are details about Dreamhost unlimited plan

Albert October 15, 2008

Hi Rahul Bansal,

Thanks for your reply.

I know no shared hosting plan allows such services. But New people to Webhosting, easily got cheated by these type of plans.

So Just write about “Typed of Hosting” here.
What is Shared Hosting? What is Dedicated and What is VPS? and so on…

75% New people don’t know about this. and 40% are not reading the TOS. So whats is happening here…?

So please write something about hosting limitations for such unbelievable plans. Or just link the Wikipedia page.


Rahul Bansal October 15, 2008

@Albert & Deepak
I will surely publish a post explaining differences between different types of hosting.
I have some knowledge regarding this but I need some more time to get it organized. 🙂

Deepak October 15, 2008

Useful comment!
Me too unaware about such drawbacks 🙁

Albert October 15, 2008

@Deepak – Welcome Deepak.

Albert October 15, 2008

@Rahul Bansal – Thanks Rahul. Take your own time. 🙂

Deepak October 16, 2008

@Rahul Bansal
Yea.. Being a blogger we must surely know about such things..
Thanx for considering a post about it 🙂

Omkar November 8, 2008

When i access the following link
i get following error
HTTP 404 – File not found.

Deepak Jain November 10, 2008

For registration you can follow this instead, and when asked for referral code, enter “DW50” 🙂