Enable New Dynamic Views with Endless Scrolling on Blogger

Blogger had earlier this month announced that it was going to start unveiling new features. WordPress might be the platform of choice for professional bloggers but there are literally millions of casual bloggers who write and create content as a hobby.

Obviously they are looking for simple solutions when it comes to tweaking layouts and Blogger has realized that by giving some new additions.

First they added the follow by email gadget which allows people to follow a blogspot blog via email. Now they are introducing a new layouts or views with endless scrolling. This seems to be borrowed for the new Google Image search layout.

Here is a video demo of Blogger Dynamic Views

Get Dynamic View on Blogger

Do you think this will prop up Blogger? I still feel that when it comes to blogging professionally, WordPress does a better job. Also when you write on Blogspot the content does stay on Google’s servers rather than, you hosting your own content which can be done with WordPress.

Do drop in your comments.

Source: Blogger Buzz

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