Free Symbian s60 Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows PC

image Few days back I have published a post about anyRemote – a mobile software using which you can control any application running on Linux PC. I got few email asking similar software for Windows PC. After lots of search I got many alternatives but only free & working I found is Remotud. Its quite limited in terms of features compared to anyRemote but its too simple to configure just like most Windows softwares.

Remotud will work with Symbian s60 series devices. Which means most Nokia smart-phones user can use this. I tested this using Nokia N70 and 6600 with Windows XP. It just worked great.

Here is the list of media players and applications which works with Remotud…

You can not configure other apps as there is no option to do this. But above list includes all notable media players except Mplayer which happen to be my most favorite :-(

Any as this list keep on updating with every version I hope in next version I will see support for Mplayer!

**Downloads Links: **

Send mobile part (Remotud.SIS file) to mobile handset and install it there. The other file meant for PC doesn’t require any installation. Just click and run it. Only thing you need to give is COM port number. Which you can find in Bluetooth configuration on your PC.

For detailed installation and usage instructions visit official documentation page.

**Remotud Links: **Homepage | Documentation | Screenshots | Downloads

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