OrkutFeeds – Get RSS Feeds for Orkut Scrapbook!

Orkut Feeds

Today we have launched a new service OrkutFeeds! It lets you subscribe to any Orkut Scrapbook using your favorite feed reader.

Best part of this service is that you do not need to give your orkut login details. So I guess this should not affect your orkut account in anyway!

Also we have options which will help you subscribe in only one-click, without ever visiting OrkutFeeds homepage! šŸ™‚

#Bookmarklet Option: You can either drag-n-drop following bookmarklet on your browsers bookmark toolbar

Orkut Feeds

#Greasemonkey Script Option : You will need firefox and greasemonkey extension for this. If you don’t have these get them first.

Then  install OrkutFeeds greasemonkey script. The greasemonkey script will automatically add feed link on all orkut scrapbook pages.

Actually Vikas created a service like this in past, but he is selling his script now. I found its too easy to create one of my own as I myself and few other friend specially Oscar wanted this feature.

As of now, this service can not read private scrapbook. But its limitation by orkut itself! šŸ™

I launched this one in hurry so it may contain some bugs. Please let me know if you find one so we can correct it.

Links: OrkutFeeds


Credits: RSS Writer Class by Snipplr made job a lot easier although some modifications were needed to make fees valid. Also thanks to CURL library. It turn out to be much more powerful than I ever imagined! šŸ™‚


yadul February 27, 2008

very good feeds………….
and can you send some more feeds to orkut

Rahul Bansal March 2, 2008

Hey buddy we now provide feeds for community as well as individual topics in communities!
Details are here… šŸ™‚

Saket July 1, 2008

hey i used that rssfeeds…
my scrapbook is locked so it cant show the rss feeds for my scrapbook and tells to add a profile as ur friend. but that profile is deleted.

Rahul Bansal July 1, 2008

Man profile is not deleted.
Infact I just checked your account.
I got a friend-request from u in orkutfeeds account which I approved.
So let me know if you still can not your scrapbook feeds.

Jai Parekh July 15, 2008

Hi Rahul!

I am very pleased to see this, can you send me the source code, i would be delighted to put it on my server, I just feel tht this script should not disappear like the one made by Vikas.

Thanks & Regards,

Jai Parekh

Rahul Bansal July 20, 2008

Thanks buddy… šŸ™‚
I will send you code in future if I run out of bandwidth.

bkpgeral August 28, 2008

Error line 2, col 1

Warning: curl_close(): supplied argument is not a valid cURL handle resource in /home/.porker/rahul286/orkutfeeds.com/orkut_topic.php on line 63


Rahul Bansal August 29, 2008

I fixed it. Thanks for bringing it to my notice. If you have any other problem, let me know. šŸ™‚

bkpgeral August 29, 2008

Thanks very much!

bkpgeral August 29, 2008

Hi Rahul,
Now it worked well.
But I did not understand why sometimes do not show contents. It is normal?

Rahul Bansal August 29, 2008

Actually there is single orkut account in use now to access all orkut services.
Service will improve once I add support for users own account. šŸ™‚

Archana Kushwaha October 25, 2008

I am not able to check scraps without loging in orkut.please help me out?

parth January 22, 2009

feeds don’t seem to work,may be temporarily but have been trying for an hour now it always gives 404 error!!!!!

deepak January 25, 2009

hey guys i cant use this

Rahul Bansal January 26, 2009

Orkutfeeds is down from last few days.
We are working towards fixing this issue. Hope to get it working back in 2-3 days.

jack January 31, 2009

I’m unable to add orkut scrapbook to rss feeds as it gives invalid uid error

Rahul Bansal January 31, 2009

You might have used wrong URL (link)

gajendra April 16, 2010

Worked but the scrap timings returned by your api are wrong and always show 1:30 PM

anand May 13, 2010

rahul, when am trying this shows the error “Invalid UID Supllied. Please note that UID must contain only numbers!”??????????????