Free Symbian s60 Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows PC

image Few days back I have published a post about anyRemote – a mobile software using which you can control any application running on Linux PC. I got few email asking similar software for Windows PC. After lots of search I got many alternatives but only free & working I found is Remotud. Its quite limited in terms of features compared to anyRemote but its too simple to configure just like most Windows softwares.

Remotud will work with Symbian s60 series devices. Which means most Nokia smart-phones user can use this. I tested this using Nokia N70 and 6600 with Windows XP. It just worked great.

Here is the list of media players and applications which works with Remotud…

  • BSPlayer 2.0
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • VLC 0.8.4a
  • Winamp 5.24
  • PowerDVD 7
  • ZoomPlayer 4.57
  • Media Player Classic
  • Media Portal
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
  • ShowShifter 3.12.2945
  • ArcSoft TotalMedia 2.0.4

You can not configure other apps as there is no option to do this. But above list includes all notable media players except Mplayer which happen to be my most favorite 🙁

Any as this list keep on updating with every version I hope in next version I will see support for Mplayer!

Downloads Links:

Send mobile part (Remotud.SIS file) to mobile handset and install it there. The other file meant for PC doesn’t require any installation. Just click and run it. Only thing you need to give is COM port number. Which you can find in Bluetooth configuration on your PC.

For detailed installation and usage instructions visit official documentation page.

Remotud Links: Homepage | Documentation | Screenshots | Downloads

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Stig April 2, 2008

Hi. I have a E65 Nokia on which I’m trying to make this work. It’s system is:
Nokia E65

I get the message: “Installation of Remotud.SIS is not supported”

What could be the problem?

Rahul Bansal April 2, 2008

Try changing installation settings to allow installation of “ALL” files.
This should work on Nokia E65 as mentioned by other people on net.

Stig April 2, 2008

Thats not the problem. I have prior met all the common errors regarding installation (certificate, ‘all’ etc, but not this one). My phone is running danish version of the software, but I can’t see that it could be the reason???

Rahul Bansal April 2, 2008

umm… There must be some other problem.
Actually just try English version once. There isn’t much difference anyway… 🙂

n80 April 4, 2008

Hi i have n80, how to change instalation options ?

Rahul Bansal April 4, 2008

Sorry buddy. Didn’t get your question.
Better use google search as I never used N80 anyway… 🙁

MO May 27, 2008


Rahul Bansal May 27, 2008

What error message you got?

CCC81 July 21, 2008

got the ”Installation of Remotud.SIS is not supported” message too! not sure how to change installation settings. will google it but really want this to work grrrr

Rahul Bansal July 23, 2008

Which handset do you use?

bizzarrr July 25, 2008

thanks man.
great app !!

works with n70.

Rahul Bansal July 27, 2008

Your welcome… 🙂

symbain fan October 25, 2008

u get error dat the sis file isnt supported,it is because of the reason dat ur fone has symbian V3 while the application is designed to work on symbain V1 and V2 devices like n70,n72,nokia 6600 etc.just wait for the compatible version to come or use salling clicker

jose January 17, 2009

Hai author, i have a question for you.

Is that possible to convert sis to jar extension.

I need it for my nokia 3120 classic mobile.

Help me on this.

Send me the required information to my e-mail id.


sid January 11, 2010

Hey Rahul, I found a rip off of this page at the following URL:

Please take action, as your work is ripped off and someone else is claiming credit for this page!

vivek jain January 12, 2010

Thanks for notifying us. The author is warned and the admin of that blog has been notified.
Thanks for the support.

zakaria.f February 8, 2010

what about support of Power Point diap. and others applications ? can i use this soft for it ? and how ?

timi jimi February 9, 2010

Are you planning to support symbian v3?

Anand November 18, 2011

my nokia 5320XM (S60, 3rd edition) shows this error when installing it on the phone –
“installation of ‘Remotoud.SIS’not supported.

what should i do to get it on my phone ?
please help
Thanks in anticipation