Google+ Introduces Adding Funny Text to Photos

While Facebook has moved at a snail’s speed to roll out their new Timeline design across the world, Google+ has been quietly adding more features and integration to other Google products. I do not remember where I read this before, but it is said that the best social networks are the ones that allow users to waste time efficiently and have fun in the process.

Facebook does that with status updates, games and photo sharing features. Google+ actually has pretty much the same features as Facebook and it has been careful on online privacy.

Google+ now has a really cool feature. It allows people to add photos along with text within the image.


How to Add Text in Google+ Image

Note: Once this process is done, you cannot remove the text so be careful about typos. :-)

I think Google+ is really putting together a lot of neat features. All of them seem to make that push for interactivity. For instance this new feature of inserting text into images to make posters could really begin a lot of photo memes on the internet.

What are your views? Do try it out and let me know through your comments.

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