Terrorists used Google Earth during Mumbai attacks?

google earth logo It is too scary to know that some free web services can help the terrorists and anti social elements to create havoc around the world. Recently, I came across an article in PcWorld which revealed, according to investigations terrorists used Google Earth to get familiar with streets of Mumbai and learn the roads around them during recent Mumbai attacks. Everyone knows, with growing technologies there must be some disadvantages too, but such a heavy loss to the national heritage and resources can ever be compensated by these technologies that make our life easier? It is really a big question..

The article also said that, in the year 2005 our ex-president Mr. Abdul Kalam warned people about how Google earth can be misused. Further the article goes as follows:

Indian security agencies have complained that Google Earth exposed Indian defense and other sensitive installations. Other nations, including China, have made similar complaints regarding military locations.

Don’t know what exactly Indian government is going to do after such a heavy loss of life and resources of the country. But I am sure that these scary situations will bring some problems for the launch of India based satellite mapping service – “ISRO Bhuvan“.

Source: PCWorld

Follow Devils Workshop on New & Dedicated Twitter Account!

Sometime back, Rajat Arora and few other Devils Workshop readers suggested me to start a new dedicated twitter account for readers who like to follow Devils Workshop on twitter.

Now acting on their suggestion and because of my growing interest in twitter, I have created a new twitter account for Devils Workshop with id @devils_workshop.

So those who are following old account @rahul286 just for updates from Devils Workshop can now follow @devils_workshop.

Sorry for inconvinience. Thanks for twitter-love! 😉

Links: Follow Devils Workshop on Twitter | Follow me on Twitter

Gmail now on your desktop!

gmail-logo1 Every alternative days Google is coming out with cool new features in its network of services, may it be Orkut, Gmail, Google Calendar or Google search. Truly speaking I don’t have any words left to thank Google for all their efforts towards improving its service. As such I am directly coming to the point. 😉 It is not more than a few hours that Google announced the launch of its all new gadget for Google desktop – Gmail gadget.

I personally tried my hands on this new gadget, and I have simply one word to say – "Awesome"!!..  As this is start, I don’t have any complaints about it. But one bad this is that, as of now, Gmail gadget is available only for windows users and mac or Linux users cannot use it. 🙁 Windows users if you have Google desktop installed, just download the Gmail gadget from here, else you will need to download and install Google desktop first.

gmail gadget

So, like me, if you too check your mails frequently, then I would say you to download this cool gadget without waiting any more. 🙂

Links: Official release | Gmail gadget | Google Desktop

Some improvements in Google SMS channels

Google SMS channels logo Recently launched in labs, Google’s group messaging service – Google SMS Channels had many bugs and disadvantages as compared to other group SMS providers like SMSGupShup, Mytoday, Vakow, etc.. After getting a lot of comments and advice by its users, Google considered making some changes and improvements on their service, and I have listed some of ’em here:

  • The most disgusting & buggy thing in Google’s SMS channel was that, if you were new it, you had to send ‘ACCEPT’ message in addition to channel joining message. This problem is now being solved. Infact, its a good news for channel owners ‘cos your subscriber need not bother about sending 2 individual messages now. 🙂
  • When your friend accepts your invitation to join private channels, you will be notified about it via SMS.
  • Bug of unable to search for the channels created & subscribed by you has been fixed too.
  • Bug of unable to view too old posts has also been sorted out.
  • Channel owners can now customize whether their viewers will receive only headlines or full body contents. (Refer screenshot below).
  • More good channels added into "Editors pick" section.

SMS channels

Though these improvements are appreciated and are too good, still there are more options needed in Google’s SMS channels. Some of my personal advice to them are listed here:

  • As Mytoday provides for its mob users, an option to schedule messages and grant publishing rights to different people to publish new posts would really be great.
  • In addition to 10 digit mobile number, there’s a need for a short code like 567678, 575757, etc. By this, the channel owner can create a good impression about his/her channel.
  • Better user interface to send customized SMS to a channel. Integrating Google SMS channels with Gtalk would be a great option.
  • As advised by many other users, a private channel owner atleast should have the option to view his group subscribers.

These are the only points I pointed out. If you readers too have any suggestion for them then comment form is here for you. 🙂
May be some one from Google will drop in here and read out our suggestions. 😉

Links: Google SMS channels | More on SMS channels

Thanks Abhi for the tip. 🙂

Twitter explained in Plain English!

twitter logo I can remember, a year ago, when I was a budding blogger, I was completely annoyed looking twitter badges in each and every blog I visited. All blogs with some unique badges read "Follow us on twitter". I didn’t know what twitter was.. After few months, I was over whelmed to know what exactly it was that made every bloggers make use of it. After working on it for a fortnight or a month, I came to the conclusion – "Micro blogging". Twitter can be called as a "platform for micro blogging".

For instance, you want to know what exactly your friends are doing right now or vice versa. But it is not possible for your friends to mail you or blog about each and every thing they are doing.. It would be too time consuming and clumsy task. But twitter is a micro blogging platform where all such things can be made possible. You just need to open an account and start follow your friends, after that all their updates will be visible to you. It is like sending a group SMS to everyone who are in your network. Here you can post updates of upto 140 characters long and every one following you will be able to view those updates from you. The best part is that, unlike Instant messengers, there are several ways available to post messages (also called tweets) – from web, desktop clients (like Twhirl), mobile clients, SMS, etc. Initially you start with their website, later I’ll say about some good twitter clients.

So, if you believe us then just open an account at twitter and start following some friends. You will see that, within months, you too will be addicted to twitter. 😉
To get started, you can follow DevilsWorkshop updates @rahul286 and my personal updates @deepakjain1989

For better understanding, you can have a look on this ‘How-to’ video by Leelefever.

Links: Twitter  | Registration

Inbuilt mail scheduling option in "IN.Com"

in logo If you remember, its not more than just a fortnight that we posted on how to schedule your outgoing mails using LetterMeLater.com. But if you think, its too complicated to send scheduled mails at a future date using LetterMeLater, than ‘In.Com’ has a better service for you inbuilt in it called "Future Mails". Yes, among many other innovation, this is another one from the so called "India’s shortest mail id provider". Since its launch a couple of months ago, In.com has managed to get a huge amout of viewers. Also, recently, as a promotional initiative, all the websites of IBN network were moved to in.com’s domain.

inWell, lets now talk about the "Future Mail" option. As you can see on the scree shot, while composing your mail at In.com, you just need to click the tab – "Send as future mail" and you will get a window popped up where in you’ll be asked your desired date of delivery. After selecting your desired date and time, hit ‘Send’ and you are done. 🙂

We would advice, if you want to prevent from the lengthy procedure of using LetterMeLater, better open an account at In.com and start scheduling greetings and birthday wishes. 😉

Links: In.com | Registration | About LetterMeLater


Analyze a site security with McAfee site advisor

McAfee site security Just came across a cool site that claims to analyze the security of a given website. The homepage of McAfee site advisor says:

We test the Web to help keep you safe from spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. Safety ratings from McAfee SiteAdvisor are based on automated safety tests of Web sites (including of our own site) and are enhanced by feedback from our volunteer reviewers and insights from our own analysts. McAfee SiteAdvisor does not accept payment from rated sites, so our ratings are objective and uniformly applied.


p align=”justify”>After reading the above statement do we need to say anything else?
Well, to test the service, we tried checking the safety of DevilsWorkshop and we passed the test. 🙂 As you can see on the screen shot, it reads “We tested this site and didn’t find any significant problems.” Though most of us usually have anti-virus packs installed on our system, these kind of advisors can be used as a extra layer of safety. Also, McAfee site advisor comes with a firefox plugin for instant checking of a site reliability which can be downloaded from here.

Links: McAfee SiteAdvisor | SiteAdvisor plugin for firefox.

Special virus scanner for USB devices

You would think why I am writing such bogus topic, there are many anti virus program available over the internet still why what made me write about it.. Aren’t you thinking that?? Actually I am using this USB scanner – USB Disk Security since long. But few days back when I recommended this anti virus program to a friend of mine, he was really happy to know that this software really worked fine and specially prevented auto run viruses. And then, he wanted me to post about it.


Actually this is really a nice anti virus program meant specially for USB scanning. I would personally recommend all DW readers to install it if you use any USB devices.  As said earlier, this is specially meant for USB scanning, so you need to install it apart from any other Anti virus program. The main advantage of using this app is that, it blocks auto run of your USB devices and scans any them as soon you plug it into your USB port (refer above screenshot).

Some of the other advantages of USB Disk Security are:

  • It ensures 100% protection against any threats via USB drive
  • Require no signature updates
  • Can be used without Internet connection as it does not require any signature updates
  • Compatible with all other softwares and anti viruses
  • Easy to use

This handy and easy to use costs comes with a lifetime validity for $ 55. Trial pack of it can be downloaded here.

Links: USB disk security | Trial download

Image credits to Softpedia


5 Best Blogspot Blogger Hacks Everyone Should Use!

Well I started blogging around three month ago using blogger and it turned out to be quite interesting experience. In my view, the best way to improve your blog is to see what other are doing?

So I started observing some very nicely formatted blogs and noticed what kind of hacks and modification they use for successful blogging and tried to implement them in my own template. Voila! After hours of research and browsing, I have made a list of all hacks which are must have for a professional blog.

Back up first

It is important to backup your Blogger template (especially before attempting any template customizations). Download a copy of your template to your computer, which you can access in the future if you need to restore your theme (or your entire blog).

For Blogger XML based templates (Layouts):

Go to Layout > Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard, then click on the link near the top of the page which says “Download Full Template”. This will save a copy of your full template as an XML file to your computer.

Now lets go for some best Blogger hacks…

Expandable post hack…

This hacks gives your blog a professional look by shrinking your full post to few lines and displaying a read more or continue reading link. In many ways this hack is unique. It increases your page impressions and it also helps your blog to load quickly by just loading summaries instead of full posts. This hack has many variations. Many bloggers have modified it in their own way. Let’s see some good variations…

Variation 1

Ramani on hackosphere was one of first who promoted this hack. In this version of hack, it uses insertion of codes around various location of your template. This hack is good for people who use a simple template with many hacks.

One drawback is: your have to edit each of your earlier post and insert codes between them to apply this hack uniformly. 🙁

The problem with this is if you use other hacks it may get disturbed which may result in the read more link disappearing or sometimes appearing after post.Codes for this hack are linked below

Install this hack

Variation 2

I used Ramani’s hacks for quite a time which required editing around the <post:data.body/> section. It created some problems for me so I found this variation.

Amanda on bloggerbuster offers a better version of this hack. This is better in many ways. You can use (install) it easily and after installing you don’t have to add separate code between and at end of posts. This automatically shrinks your post and adds read more link. Have a look at codes you need to add…

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != "item"'>
<div class='excerpt post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->
<div class='post-body entry-content'>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

This is the best hack for expandable post summaries and it is also hassle free. 🙂

Install this hack

Paged navigation hack

This is really a simple and useful widget. It adds a paged navigation at the end of your posts. Nice way to increase your page impression and it also give option to reader to visit more of your posts in random order.

Thanks to Rias he managed to make this hack as an widget so you can add it to your blog without any hassles. This is so perfect that no variation is needed for this one. Still if you want one, you can check this one posted on Devils Workshop by Arjun.

Install this hack

Related post hack

This is very useful and productive hack. It adds a list of related posts after your post content. This is the best way to make your visitor spend more time on your blog without annoying them at all. It also increases impressions and earnings. Also as a visitor spend more time on your blog, he is more likely to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Variation 1

Rias again offers a way to do this but his method is quite complex but offers flexibility. You can try it but it involves lot of editing. Good for bloggers who are comfortable with codes!

Install this hack

Variation 2

This is more comfortable way to install this hack on your blogger template. In this version, you need to put a section of code around <post.data:body/> section and its done!

Its a very easy to use and credit goes to Jackbook for this version of hack.

Install this hack

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking services are a great way to drive more visitor to your blog and find many potential readers. Services like Digg, Stumble upon, Technorati has helped many bloggers succeed. There are methods which allows you put a set of icons that link to popular social bookmarking services.

Variation 1

Well this hack is designed by Annesh and Beautiful beta. This hack is simple to use.

Just a two step process and you can add a set of booking icons that will appears at the end of your each post. You can add/remove social bookmarking icons that as per your choice.

Install this hack

Variation 2 (Added by Editor)

Rahul created this hack when he was on Blogger. This supports around 30 top social boomarking services and also provide option to add all of them once or one-by-one.

Install this hack

AdSense after each post

Using AdSense after each post is best way to increase your AdSense revenue. It helps in getting more clicks on ads. I used Rahul’s method to do it.

This is good for people who do not use expandable post hack. The problem is, ad appears on home page as well the post pages. Look at screen shot below…

If you are using expandable post hack then it doesn’t look good to show ads on homepage. You can avoid this by adding two lines of code around codes provided in Rahul’s post…

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
"Modified Google AdSense Ad Code"

The above lines add a condition which prevent this hack frrom working on homepage, label(category) or archive pages. Look at following screenshot for some help…

That’s All! If you have any really good hack, please share via comments!

Thanks for reading… 🙂

[Editor Note: This is first post by Alok Chaudhari. He blogs at Freewares n Beta about best freeware stuff.

If you like to write for Devils Workshop, please check this. Details about our revenue sharing programs are here.]

Tweeting in Indian languages made easy!

There’s no doubt that the use of twitter has increased rapidly in India. Even during the latest attacks in Mumbai, twitter was used as a source of news for many people in India and abroad, there were even rumors that news channels in the main stream followed twitter for updating scrolling news on their channels. Well, let us come to the point and discuss on how to tweet in different Indian languages. By following this tutorial, you can send tweets in different languages like Hindi, Kannad, Telugu, Tamil, etc..

Recently Prashanth from Techbangalore.com has created a small Greasemonkey based script that would embed Google Indic Transliteration into your tweeter page making it easier for you to tweet in different languages.


In the screenshot above, you can clearly see that a new option "Show Indic Trans" has been added. Now you need to select your preferred language and write your text on the window. After that just copy the text in the actual twitter window and you are done! For getting this option in your twitter window too, you need to install Twitter Indic Trans script on your Greasemonkey enabled Firefox browser. For step by step installation guide visit this page.

If you are familiar with twitter then just give it a try and let us know how you feel tweeting in different languages.

Links: Step by step installation guide.