2 WordPress Plugins to Make FTP Clients Obsolete

As I promised yesterday, in today’s post I will explore few wordpress plugins which will make uploading/managing other plugins/themes easier. Using these plugins will make FTP clients useless as far as wordpress is concerned.

Again as with all popular demand, there are many plugins which can do this FTP thing for you but I like only two of them as listed below.

1. OneClick Installer Updater:

This plugin has simplest interface with minimum options. I guess best for new wordpress users. I like following features most…

Link: OneClick Installer Plugin by* *Anirudh Sanjeev & Janis Elsts

2. WP Easy Uploade

This is designed exclusively for uploading on to wordpress. It provides more options but when I tried to use it, I noticed I always ended up selecting what OneClick installer does automatically, like option to uncompress and delete a zip file uploading. Things I like about this plugin…

This plugin adds an Upload Files option under Mange tab.

This plugin can be better if it can remember options last time selected or allow a user to set default options.

Link: WP Easy Uploader by Chris Jean

There may be more plugins like this but these two are really good. Also those who always sticks with new wordpress version may not need these as wordpress 2.7 may have thse features builtin.

I strongly recommend using one of the above plugins since you will be encountering many new plugins in coming days here. :-)

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