The Real Android Phone before iPhone was Released

Last year while reading Steve Jobs official biography by Walter Isaacson, I came across the real angst that Apple had against Google regarding Android. Apprently, Steve Jobs felt that Android had ripped off Apple’s iPhone device.

It is also a well known fact that the Android OS, underwent a transformation for sorts after the iPhone was released. Most developers agree that Android has pretty much ripped off the look and feel of iPhone in recent years.

A blogger Steven Troughton Smith, managed to get his hands on a pre-iPhone Android device called ‘Sooner’.
Ever wondered what Android looked like before iPhone was released? Well here it is.

This is the main screen of the phone.

What was Android like in the pre-iPhone era?

Simple. Android OS seemed to be resembling Blackberry phones a lot more than say iPhones. This was because the ‘look and feel’ of the BlackBerry phone with physical keys was more popular, back in 2007.

When iPhone was released and became the next big thing, while making it necessary that all smartphones become touch screen phones, Android today resembles the iOS layout a lot more. :-)

It must be noted, that Google was never really looking to create a phone device and hence had to cater their OS for what manufacturers would actually want. If Blackberry was setting the standard with its layout back then, Android had to resemble it a lot more to interest manufacturers to adopt Android. The same for iPhone which set the standard for how touch-screens phones should be.

What are your views on the iPhone vs Android debate? Which do you prefer? Do drop in your comments.

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