Rumour: Expect Android 5.0 “Jellybeans” for Notebooks and Tablets!

image-android-logoLast year Google in its IO Developer conference announced Chromebooks. A Chromebook is a netbook running on Chrome OS. The idea of having a browser as an OS, with all data stored online has not really been adopted all that well.

It seems Google might have woken up to that reality and is planning to roll out Android 5.0 this year which will be used on notebooks and tablets.

When/What to Expect from Android 5.0 ‘Jellybeans’

What happens to Chrome OS?

In reality, Chrome OS can be called a resounding failure compared to the browser. The browser is extremely popular and is already the 2nd most used among PC users.  Android 4.0 already has Chrome available on it as a browser app.

So Google might then be free to retire Chrome OS as a commercial entity. With a successful Android OS running on laptops, tablets and phones – it will give a more linear and uniform experience to users. This is not surprising as Microsoft is doing the same thing with Windows 8. Even Apple with their latest update for Mac OS X called Mountain Lion is also trying to bring the Mac closer to iPad.

Android is incredibly successful as an operating system on phones and tablets. If that will translate to adoption in the PC market only time and features will tell. What are your views? Do drop in your comments.

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