Slow but steady, Bing grows in the search market

image Bing seems to be going slow but steady and showing continuous growth in its search activity. According to the recent study on the performance of Bing from comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, Microsoft has continued to increase its position in the search market following the initial week of Bing’s debut.

comScore Stats on Bing

According to the report:

  • Bing’s average daily penetration among the US searchers reached 16.7 % during the work week of June 8-12 up to 3 % points from the May 25-29 work week prior to Bing’s introduction.
  • Microsoft’s share of search result pages in the US increased to 12.1 % during the period of June 8-12, also climbing 3 % points from the pre-introduction work week of May 25-29.

StatCounter on Top 5 search engines

According to StatCounter, an Internet research firm that tracks page loads, Bing too has shown steady improvement, although it has dropped down from the number 2 to the number 3 position since its launch.

StatCounter reports

In the US

(Last 30 days: May 19-June 17, 2009)

  1. Google (78.46%)
  2. Yahoo (10.92%)
  3. Bing (4.72%)
  4. Windows Live (2.36%)
  5. AOL (1.31%)




(Last 30 days: May 19-June 17, 2009)

  1. Google (89.83%)
  2. Yahoo (5.13%)
  3. Bing (1.89%)
  4. Windows Live (0.86%)
  5. MSN (0.57%)



As per the reports, Microsoft Bing has continued to generate interest from the market so far and reflects a continued positive market reaction since its launch. Let’s see if it can continue to do so and leap past Yahoo again.

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6 Replies to “Slow but steady, Bing grows in the search market”

  1. As long as the competition is healthy and both companies try to outsmart the other, we the consumer/user can rejoice and can expect better search results from both or atleast from one of them.

  2. I don’t really think is that favored. They just got a lot of attention and everybody tried out the new search engine. That’s why their market-share increased.

    Everybody already found out the search engine og Bing is not as amazing as Microsoft marketed it. Market share will definitely drop!

  3. Most people dont know about bing in nations like india and china.
    microsoft needs lot of effort to penetrate in search enigine market.

    1. I like the way Bing’s making progress. It’s great to have more options in the market to choose from. As long as there is healthy competition as rightly pointed out by Prasannan, we can hope to get better search results in the future.

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