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A few days after Google decided to vacate the RSS feeds reader space Digg.com announced it was building a new feed reader. There were already some alternatives out there for Google Reader and the biggest beneficiary seems to be Feedly for the moment. AOL too launched feed reader but nothing much was heard about Digg Reader. Today, finally I got my invite and managed to check it out.

Digg Reader Features

  • You can use your Google account to log in and it easily moves feeds from Google Reader to Digg Reader in a single click.
  • The design is clean and does not have ads or promotions on it at the moment. The most striking part of Digg Reader is that their default view in “listed view” where posts title appear in a list format, while most other readers have a more expanded or snippet like view as default.
  • It allows the social sharing on Facebook and Twitter but curiously lacks Google+ as an option. That hopefully might come along in the future.
  • We can save the posts on Pocket and Instapaper and Readability.
  • Finally Digg Reader does have an iPhone and iPad version but still nothing on Android for the moment.

What’s lacking on Digg Reader!

I found that Digg Reader has no option to show only unread posts or even an unread post counter. While moving from Google Reader was easy, it was not possible to upload a OPML file with all my feeds saved on them. Also the launch of Digg Reader is so close to 1st July, the day Google Reader goes offline, that it simply might just be too late for most people to take an interest in it.

Did you try out Digg Reader? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Digg Reader

Digg.com Sold to Betaworks for just $500,000

Digg Sold

Social news aggregator Digg.com has been sold off for a surprisingly small sum of US $500,000.  Digg has been acquired by Betaworks. Digg will be combined with News.me.

In other words, Digg is more or less dead, atleast in the form we were familiar with. In recent years it had lost a large part of it’s ability to garner new users and also was criticized for being full of spam.

Digg Sold

Did Social Networks or Spammers Kill Digg?

Overall Digg has some impressive numbers. It had 28 million story submissions along with 40 Million comments.

The company in 2006 was valued at $60 million. So it being sold 6 years later for less that 0.5% of that valuation shows how fast the company declined in recent years.

In the past 60 years, Twitter and Facebook became household names as far as social sharing was concerned. Other companies like StumbleUpon and Pinterest also ate into Digg’s share or social sharing.

Importantly, Digg had increasingly become a hotspot for spammers. It was a system which could be fixed to get certain links more attention.

In the end a combination of strong competitors along with spammers on its own network has brought about the end of Digg.

What are your views on why Digg fell from its former glory? Do drop in your comments.

(via Digg Blog)

List of 4 Chrome extensions for social bookmarking

I was never a big fan of social bookmarking before I became a blogger. I just failed to realize the importance of it. This is because before becoming a blogger I was only interested in finding things which I needed on the the internet rather than learning new things from the internet. Social Bookmarking websites like Digg, Stumble, Delicious and Google Bookmark are my favorite when it comes to bookmarking websites and sharing them with friend and colleagues.

#1. Digg’s Chrome Extension

I like using Digg for just browsing and finding interesting things on the net within a broad niche. Digg has a nice extension for Chrome which allows the user to simple Digg a post and also look up the Digg counter. It can be used to submit pages to Digg. 🙂

If you are at a webpage you like you can also submit it with your Digg credentials. From a personal point of view I do not use Digg to actually save bookmarks which I want to refer to at a later time. I use Digg to explore the web randomly.

Download Digg Chrome extension

#2. Stumble Upon Chrome Extension

Stumble Upon is very similar to Digg except that it does allow a much easier way to add stumble to any page you might like compared to Digg. I confess that I do not use Digg as much as I use Stumble simply because it is really easy to just sit and come across new and interesting websites. Just like Digg I use Stumble to really surf and look up fun stuff randomly.

The StumbleUpon extension allowed me to Stumble any page which basically add the Stumble tool bar at the top of the page I was on when I clicked on the extension.

Download StumbleUpon Chrome extension.

#3. Delicious Chrome Extension

Delicious Bookmarks are my favourite. I really do not use this as a bookmark facility. Unlike Stumble and Digg I use Delicious to look up what my friends and colleagues find useful. So Delicious for me is a way to get back to some webpages or sites I really liked. With Chrome’s extension for Delcious I could add any page to my Delicious account.

One note about this extension is that it is in beta but it has never given me trouble.

Download Delicious Chrome extension.

#4. Google Bookmarks on Chrome

Google Bookmarks is relatively unknown compared to delicious but it also allow bookmarking websites online. I use this sometimes to save up interesting Google related links. This is not actually a extension but a bookmarklet. Just visit the Google Bookmarks add a bookmark page and drag and drop the bookmarklet on your Chrome browsers bookmarks section. When you like a page and want to add it to Google Bookmarks just click on the bookmarklet and add the details you want with the page as shown in image below.

These are few of the popular Bookmarking websites and the four here are my favorites. I have started using Chrome browser a lot recently and hence find these Bookmark extensions very useful.

Do try them out or even suggest any new ones that you think you might like to share with our readers. Do drop in your comments and views. 🙂

Look back at the year with Digg 365

It is year end and a lot of people end up looking back at things they liked doing over the year. On the same lines Digg has a very good tool that helps you look back through the years. It shows the top 10 links that were shared on Digg.com for every year, month and day.

Digg Labs 365

About Digg 365

  • It seems to be heavily inspired from Google’s Wonder-wheel but it sure makes a lot of sense. Instead of having a bland calendar with dates and categories Digg 365 is a very innovated way to do show archives in a interactive way. 😉
  • This is not a search feature but a calendar feature. It shows the top 10 links for the year, month and even every day.
  • You can also sift through eight categories.
  • The round shaped controls are pretty much awesome and it is a great way to look back and read up the top links.

Try out Digg 365 and tell me if you liked it through your comments. Also discuss if you know of any similar websites which share archives in such a creative way. 🙂

Links: Digg 365

Download WordPress Themes Based On Popular Websites

Today I am going to share some WordPress themes/templates with you all that are based on popular search engine like Google and social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc.

Let start :

Twitter WordPress Theme

twitter wordpress theme

Live Preview | Download

Digg WordPress Theme


Live Preview | Download

Facebook WordPress Theme

facebook wordpress theme

Live Preview | Download

Woogle : Google WordPress Theme


Live Preview | Download

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Now you could start Digging with Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect allow users to “connect” their Facebook identity, friends and, privacy to any website. Facebook connect is finally on Digg too. It will now allow over 200 million Facebook users to login and start Digging and commenting instantly.

In addition to making it easier to log into Digg, Facebook Connect also allows you to use your name and profile photo from your Facebook account on Digg and to easily share with your friends by posting your Diggs, comments, and submissions to your Facebook feed.


  • Get access to Digg friends features
  • Choose to automatically follow your Facebook friends
  • Invite your friends to Digg


  1. You’ll always have complete control over your information.
  2. Whenever you Digg, comment, or submit, you’ll see a dialog window asking you whether you want to share that info with your Facebook friends.
  3. Sharing your activity isn’t currently automatic, so this setting allows you to publish only the actions you want to share. Eventually, there will be an option for you to publish all of your Digg activity if you wish to avoid the prompt.
  4. All of your preferences and privacy settings can be managed from the settings page in your profile.
  5. Should you ever choose to disable Facebook Connect, all personal information will be removed from the Digg site.

This seems to be an important step for both the companies. For Digg, it means a lot more exposure on Facebook. For Facebook, it means a huge new partner for Connect, which could become an identity standard for users across the Web.

(Source: Facebook developers | Digg blog)

Importance of Social Media to Build Traffic

social-media-digg-redditImportance of  Social media role on building traffic cannot be denied. Most of the top SEO experts and webmasters always emphasize on targeting social media for traffic building.

The major websites that plays a considerable role on building great amount of Traffic are Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit and Twitter. The most common thing about these websites are they entertain quality over quantity.

Twitter have given a new look to social media in terms of traffic building. In case if you are not aware of Twitter . It is a micro blogging platform and simple answer to all the  question "Where are you and what are you doing ?". Read more about twitter here.

When it comes to Digg and Stumble upon the significant difference is on traffic flow. Digg can give you over 10k+ traffic overnight if your post appear on the front page and same is in the case of stumble upon but the major difference is that stumble upon traffic keep flowing after that also.

One of the important aspect of social media is quality back links from many websites. If your post become popular you will get back links from many social news aggregate websites and that will be benefit for good SEO and page rank.

Now achieving success in social media is quite time consuming and if you think you can spare 2 hour daily then only target social media else quality posts are the best solution for you.

This is for all those who submit their posts on social media sites like Digg, stumble upon and reddit. Overdoing of anything is bad for you and your websites. This might lead to blacklisting of your domain. So instead of submitting every post, submit posts which are favored by these websites.

Posts like "Top 10" , "Most amazing", "America politics news" are always favored by these websites but when you write and post to target social media do a complete research before you hit the publish button.

If you want to understand Digg more your can refer to my articles on Digg: The beginners guide.

Tips on getting recognized on Social Media:

# Maintain your Identity: Using one handle (Nickname) and common logo will make you recognize easily. The best practice will be if you can use common username and nickname everywhere this will lead to universal presence. You can check the availability of your desired username everywhere by using usernamecheck website.

# Submit quality contents : If you want to see a difference, then instead of submitting content from your blog you should also submit quality posts from white-listed websites like mashable, washington posts, Lifehacker and many more. There are two benefit of doing it, first is all people will recognize your submission and  second you will have an insight on what kind of contents people like to see. If you submit each and every contents from your website/blog I recommend stop doing so because soon your blog will be marked as spam-blog. If we talk about Digg or stumble upon there are many websites and blogs which are banned from them because of this.

# Socialize : It’s very important aspect of social media you need to understand people there. People who are social media experts are generally webmaster, SEO. If you connect with them offline too that will be very helpful for you. I have experienced it and I know the importance of it. You can socialize with them using either IM’s, twitter or E-mail.

# Review them : This is specially in the case of stumble upon . If you like someone submission, sending them a word of appreciation will buy respect for you. If we talk about websites like digg, reddit, delicious then dropping a word of appreciation by email or PM will be productive for you later.

# Commenting : Comments last for ever and adding appropriate comments which add value to the submission or post is always recognized and that too is good for your own identity because people recognize you for you valuable comment and like minded people will love to add you in their friends list.

Though it’s very important that when you plan to target social media to promote your articles make sure you have created your identity there and for that you need to be a quality contributor rather then quantity contributor.

If you have not targeted social media traffic you are missing a significant amount of traffic for your blog. Try to give it a shot but make sure to follow the important rules mentioned above.

You can also refer to my guides on Digg

If you have anything to add in here, we will love to hear your opinion.

Links: Stumble Upon | Reditt | Digg

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