Look back at the year with Digg 365

It is year end and a lot of people end up looking back at things they liked doing over the year. On the same lines Digg has a very good tool that helps you look back through the years. It shows the top 10 links that were shared on Digg.com for every year, month and day.

Digg Labs 365

About Digg 365

  • It seems to be heavily inspired from Google’s Wonder-wheel but it sure makes a lot of sense. Instead of having a bland calendar with dates and categories Digg 365 is a very innovated way to do show archives in a interactive way. 😉
  • This is not a search feature but a calendar feature. It shows the top 10 links for the year, month and even every day.
  • You can also sift through eight categories.
  • The round shaped controls are pretty much awesome and it is a great way to look back and read up the top links.

Try out Digg 365 and tell me if you liked it through your comments. Also discuss if you know of any similar websites which share archives in such a creative way. 🙂

Links: Digg 365