Monday Morning Blues [21 Dec 09]

Today is another Monday morning and I just realized we have reached the last ten days of this year. We are still carrying out tests on the new DW redesign project. I can already see some of your suggestions being followed quite enthusiastically.

Monday 21 December

Subscribers are 7000 +

One very important thing I have to share with you as many of you visiting Devils Workshop might have noticed it that we have now crossed 7000 subscribers. This is quite satisfying personally as when I joined rtBlogs over three months ago we were around the 5000+ mark.

Top Posts

Finally I realized that next Monday would be the last one in this year. So with next Monday’s Top Posts I will include the posts you liked over the whole year. Let me know through your comments which were you favorite posts in the whole year and I will include the most popular ones on Top Posts list. Obviously the list would be much longer than 5. 😉

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Monday Morning Blues [14 Dec 09]

I am back with Monday Morning Blues this week. This week will hopefully be a scorcher as we have plenty of posts in the pipeline and also will be doing a lot more of  research and development on what the new avatar for Devils Workshop should be.

Monday Morning Blues for 14 Dec 2009

Help us Redesign Devils Workshop

Many of you might be aware that we are testing out some new ideas to redesign DW. The idea is to keep the functional part of the website similar to the one it is now but make changes to make it more attractive and helpful. We have got some very interesting ideas through your comments and hope to get more of them. You can either send in your ideas by commenting on this post or read the original post regarding the re-design and comment on it.

Writing on Crictalks

You might be aware that Crictalks is also a part of rtBlogs. We want it to be a multi-authored blog which discusses cricket and various aspects about it. Its a blog to let in on peoples opinion and anything related to cricket. We are also working on spicing it up a bit so stay tuned. 😉

Top Posts

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Monday Morning Blues [30 Nov 09]

A quick ‘Monday Morning Blues‘ post today as a lot has been discussed and dissected about our Blogger$ of the Month Contest. We have got a lot of new ideas and suggestions from some of our authors and readers along with some brain storming sessions at rtBlogs. Some of them you will see implemented very soon. 🙂


Blogger$ of the Month

With today being the last day in the month of November I think it is ideal for me to let you know that next month’s Blogger$ of the Month will undergo some more changes. We are still calculating the scores for last months winners and the changes will be detailed in a post sometime in the following week.

Top Posts

* indicates the post was published on Facebooknol. Facebooknol is a blog on Facebook by rtBlogs which also runs DW.

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Monday Morning Blues [23rd Nov 09]

This week I am back with ‘Monday Morning Blues‘ series of posts. A lot of things have happened in the last 2 weeks and the major change at Devils Workshop is that our contest ‘Blogger of the Month‘ has now become ‘Blogger$ of the Month‘.


Blogger$ of the Month

We will have three winners instead of one. The one who is rated 1st will get $75, rated 2nd will get $50 and finally the guest author who is rated 3rd gets $25. 🙂

First Time Authors

A lot of new writers who have started to contribute to DW often submit posts which are sometimes copied from other sources. Devils Workshop has a strict policy regarding its content. There is one simple rule and that rule is your content has to be original. There have been a couple of instances when someone has reproduced an article from a magazine. This is not something we allow either.

Adsense Account

Some authors have many questions regarding Adsense account being configured for DW. We earn revenues from our Adsense account for which we use the DW’s URL. If you are creating an adsense account and for that you need to submit a URL then that URL has to be either your of your blog or even a friends blog. You cannot give DW’s URL as that will get rejected. We are now allowed to give DW’s URL to be shared with Adsense.

Top Posts

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Monday Morning Blues [09th Nov 09]

Here comes Monday and it starts a new week for us here at rtBlogs. The previous week has been quite a busy week with the launch of our new blog WpVeda. Also a post I have written at DW got referred by a reputed tech blog website called Computer World. 🙂


WpVeda: A new blog about WordPress

WpVeda is our new blog on rtBlogs network and dedicated to WordPress. Why wordpress you might ask? But this is a blog which will not cover daily news about WordPress instead will be a playground for ideas and projects around WordPress.

The concept of WpVeda germinated with an idea to have an internal wiki for rtCamp employees. We felt later that giving our developers a public forum to showcase their talents would be more inspiring and hence now we have WpVeda.

Pleasant Surprise

At the cost of looking like I am blowing my own trumpet I must share with you that Deepak Jain last week noticed that a post I wrote on DW about Microsoft Security Essentials was featured with credits in the popular tech blog Computer World. It was shared as a part of various views on Security Essentials by Richi Jennings a independent consultant who writes for Computer World.

Top Posts

We did not get a many posts from our guest authors for DW last week, so in this section I have included a couple of posts from WpVeda which you might find interesting along with a post of mine which has got most comments over the last week.

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Monday Morning Blues [2nd Nov 09]

Yet another Monday is here and we have some announcements to make along with telling you what is new on DW.

First things first it has been a pretty good October for rtBlogs. Facebooknol our blog dedicated to Facebook has been doing quite well, and slowly but surely moving upwards. Sauravjit has been doing a stellar job there.


Blogger of the Month

We are still checking and rechecking the scores for Blogger of the month for October. But many guest authors had questions on how the ratings are calculated. Every post you contribute on an blog on rtBlogs will get a rating and it all adds up for winning Blogger of the Month. Feel free to give relevant posts on Facebooknol, Orkut Diary, Crictalks and obviously Devils Workshop. 🙂

Also I can tell you that next month Blogger of the Month winner can expect a surprise coming his/her way. 😉

Top Posts

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Monday Morning Blues [Oct 26]

Last Monday I did not post in this section called Monday Morning Blues as Rahul had already announced the winner of the Blogger of the Month. Congratulations to Sauravjit for winning it two times in a row. It seems he will complete a hat-trick as he has a commanding lead. Come on guys give him some competition.

Let me first apologize to all the authors and readers as I was ill for the last 8-10 days and was not able to post as many articles as I would have liked and also was not able to approve many posts which were pending. But I think I have almost completed the backlog of pending posts.


I want to start a tradition with Monday Morning Blues articles where I want to revisit some of the posts on DW by our Guest Authors.

Top Posts


Our other blog dedicated to information, views and news on Facebook is doing well. Just a small note to all our guest bloggers who are looking to win Blogger of the Month. Blogger of the Month is given on ratings done on posts across rtBlogs networks. This includes Orkutdiary, Facebooknol and Crictalks other than Devils Workshop. Log in with the same username and password to contribute to all sites across rtBlogs.

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Monday Morning Blues

Every one of us must have faced “Monday Morning Blues” atleast once if not every Monday. You are done with the weekend and not exactly looking forward to a whole week at work, back into the proverbial grind. So to cheer you up we are starting a new weekly featured post called Monday Morning Blues.


This is a post where we will revisit some posts written by our contributors which we found interesting over the week. We will also make some announcements and basically provide you a peek into the workings of Devils Workshop.

Tops Posts of the week.


As you might already know we have launched a new blog in our network which is dedicated to issues, news and views about Facebook. A special thanks by rtBlogs to Sauravjit who has contributed a lot on Facebooknol. If any guest authors want to contribute to Facebooknol then do visit the site and put up your posts for review. You can use the same user-name and password which you have on DW for Facebooknol.

DW is on Facebook!

You might be following us on Twitter, but now you can follow all the action on DW by becoming a fan of the Devils Workshop page on Facebook.