Monday Morning Blues [14 Dec 09]

I am back with Monday Morning Blues this week. This week will hopefully be a scorcher as we have plenty of posts in the pipeline and also will be doing a lot more of  research and development on what the new avatar for Devils Workshop should be.

Monday Morning Blues for 14 Dec 2009

Help us Redesign Devils Workshop

Many of you might be aware that we are testing out some new ideas to redesign DW. The idea is to keep the functional part of the website similar to the one it is now but make changes to make it more attractive and helpful. We have got some very interesting ideas through your comments and hope to get more of them. You can either send in your ideas by commenting on this post or read the original post regarding the re-design and comment on it.

Writing on Crictalks

You might be aware that Crictalks is also a part of rtBlogs. We want it to be a multi-authored blog which discusses cricket and various aspects about it. Its a blog to let in on peoples opinion and anything related to cricket. We are also working on spicing it up a bit so stay tuned. 😉

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