Monday Morning Blues [23rd Nov 09]

This week I am back with ‘Monday Morning Blues‘ series of posts. A lot of things have happened in the last 2 weeks and the major change at Devils Workshop is that our contest ‘Blogger of the Month‘ has now become ‘Blogger$ of the Month‘.


Blogger$ of the Month

We will have three winners instead of one. The one who is rated 1st will get $75, rated 2nd will get $50 and finally the guest author who is rated 3rd gets $25. 🙂

First Time Authors

A lot of new writers who have started to contribute to DW often submit posts which are sometimes copied from other sources. Devils Workshop has a strict policy regarding its content. There is one simple rule and that rule is your content has to be original. There have been a couple of instances when someone has reproduced an article from a magazine. This is not something we allow either.

Adsense Account

Some authors have many questions regarding Adsense account being configured for DW. We earn revenues from our Adsense account for which we use the DW’s URL. If you are creating an adsense account and for that you need to submit a URL then that URL has to be either your of your blog or even a friends blog. You cannot give DW’s URL as that will get rejected. We are now allowed to give DW’s URL to be shared with Adsense.

Top Posts

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George Serradinho November 24, 2009

I have opened my blog for guest posts and I have to double check their posts that they have submitted. My blog is not revenue sharing yet, it’s on my future plans.

Aditya Kane November 25, 2009

Best of luck with your future plans George, and double checking is always a good idea. 😉

Jagan Mangat January 17, 2011

Revenue sharing is one of the cool thing,for only two guest posts on DW i get paid enough via Adsense,to inspire me to write some more guest posts.
Thanks DW and Adsense!!