Will the internet be swept over by Google Wave?


Google is certainly a phenomenon like no other when it comes to the internet. But with ‘Google Wave’ they plan to release a tsunami across the world and take it over in one big wave.

What is Google Wave?

How will Google Wave work?

Email and chat communication at present works by allowing 2 users to exchange information directly using email ids.

For example I am chatting with a friend and after 20 minutes a common friend is online and I add the 3rd person to the chat. The 3rd person cannot access any of the correspondence in the first 20 minutes when he was not part of the conference.

Email communication today


Now with Google Wave  if I am chatting with my friend and add a 3rd person to the conversation, not only will the 3rd person know what we had conversed before he will also automatically have access to any files exchanges over as attachments.

This is done by using Wave Server which updates and stores information of every communication and allows the sharing of this communication in its entirety at any point of time ! :-)

Email Communication with Google Wave


What would be most impacted with Google Wave?

I had once mentioned in a post that Google will make geeks look cool with their new search engine which still in beta. Now I think Google will replace the word ‘cool’ with ‘geek’.

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