10 Best Websites to Download Free EBooks

All geeks prefer to read EBooks rather than going for printed books, they do it because of various benefits which EBook offers, like you can easily get them online, customize them, they are portable and you can share with your friends easily. There are many reasons why we choose to read EBooks but when it comes to downloading, we are never sure from which website we should download EBooks free and legally.

I have gathered 10 websites from where you can search and download EBooks, where you don’t have to spend your money and can download the books of your interest. Here is the list of 10 websites to download EBooks:

Free- EBooks:

To access Free- EBooks, you need to get registered on it and it is free to register. You can browse the EBooks or magazines by author’s name or categories. You can even upload your EBooks to Free- EBook.



This is again a website which allows you to download free legal books with different categories like fictions, computers, music and lots more. You just name the category and you will get it on GetFreeEBooks.



This website is especially for all Tech lovers. You will only get technology related books, this is best website for the ones who only like to read computer related books and don’t want to waste time in searching from other categories.



OnlineFreeEBooks provides you less categories to choose from but I think it’s more than enough rather than messing up with lots of categories. Categories include Engineering, Gadgets, Programming/ Technology, health etc.



I like the layout of this website, it’s neat and clear. It allows you to download all kind of EBooks, apart from EBooks you can also download screensavers and softwares. You can even download SnipFiles Firefox plugin to make it handy and easy to use.


EBooks Directory:

This is great place to upload and download EBooks, lectures and notes. You can browse the categories easily to download the books and also promote your EBooks or notes on EBooks Directory. Best website for students who want to share notes or EBooks.



PDFoo is a cool website which offers you to download books with the statistics about how much EBooks yet downloaded , which will help you to get an idea about the popularity of EBooks. PDFoo is best place to search for any kind of PDF books from lots of categories.


EBook Share:

EBook share allows you to download EBooks in the form of Torrent formats. You can choose either for torrent download or direct download. You will easily get all kind of EBooks here because it is more like a sharing portal.



Free EBook Spot provides you a huge list of categories to choose EBooks . There are around 96 categories and you don’t require any kind of registration before download. Thus, if you want to download any EBook quickly, just use Free EBook Spot.



This website is purely for the ones who like to read free Classic Literature. You will get huge collection of free classic literature and Planet EBook also allows you to share with your friends.


These websites will help you to get books of your choice easily and free. Which Website you use to download free and legal EBooks ?


VISHAL April 27, 2010

I always use the FreeBookspot for downloading all Programming related books.. Thanks for share

Ruchi April 29, 2010

Yeah Vishal , they have awesome collection 🙂

fareed April 27, 2010

thank u nice collection

Ruchi April 29, 2010

Glad you like it Fareed.

Ruchi April 29, 2010

Glad you like it EasyNetMoney.

akshay April 29, 2010

ruchi these websites do not cater to indian stuff as much…..coukd u recommend some websites where indian books can be found….

Ruchi May 4, 2010

Sure Akshay, you can try out http://e-library.net. There are many others, but not sure about any virus while downloading. I have tried e-library.

Osho Garg May 1, 2010

Thanks Ruchi Nice Collection 🙂

Ruchi May 4, 2010

Glad you like it Osho. 🙂

Manali S May 15, 2010

Wow. Cool list. Very helpful, thanks a lot 🙂

RF Modulator November 24, 2010

books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books ,*:

Imran December 2, 2011

Thats a very good collection
Thanks for sharing

ashish December 7, 2011

in which site i can find the indian author books in hindi?

Jules February 27, 2012

So many books to read for free.


Kedar March 21, 2012

Guys try this one
it is really good. They are having lots of ebook to download for free

Arul shaji April 16, 2013

Thanks a lot for sharing these much of collections with us.