5 Great services to create your own wikis

Wikipedia has changed the way information is dispersed on the internet. The idea of having everyone in the world adding to a online encyclopedia which covered everything caught up fast and today Wikipedia has an article on almost everything and anyone.

But Wikis are very important even when it comes to small projects or companies. Many projects now a days have Wikis onlines so if a new member joins up, they can pick up things very quickly.

Here are 5 websites which will help you create your own wikis for free.

#1. Wiki Spaces

  • Wikispaces Basic version allows you to create Wikis with unlimited pages with unlimited users.
  • Allows standard features like a WYSIWYG editor and also media embedding.
  • Allows you to create RSS feeds and also have discussion areas.

#2. dooWikis

  • Doo Wikis is a website which allows you to create free online wikis which are public. This is great for public communities.
  • Doo Wikis also allows protection of the public wiki by creating a password for people to update the Wikis.

#3. Zoho Wiki

  • Zoho Wikis allows creating 2 wikis for free with unlimited users and unlimited updates.
  • It allows creating RSS and Atom feeds along with storage space of 50 MB.

#4. Intodit

  • Intodit is a great way to create wikis and invite friends and collaborators through their Email ids.
  • It also allows you to create new pages with a WYSIWYG editor which supports embedding.
  • You can read a complete review of intodit on Devils’ Workshop.

#5. Alex Knowledge Base

  • Alex Knowledge Base is not exactly a wiki but can be created on your own computer to notate and create articles which you want to refer to.
  • This is very handy for developers and people joining new project as it is not as widely editable like wikis but quite comprehensive.
  • Read more about Alex Knowledge Base.

That completes the list of 5 websites or services with which you can create your own Wikis. These are all free to create and most are perfect to use for personal projects or small teams.

Do drop in your comments to let me know what you think about creating your own wikis and share with us any other services you know about.

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