How to move photos from one album to another on Facebook

Sometimes we upload our photos on Facebook using our mobile in the album ‘Mobile Uploads’ but later we feels that the pic should be there in another album. The easy but inefficient way to move a pic from one album to another is to download and upload the image again in a new album. But this is not a good idea to do so as you will lose all the comments and likes to that photo and it will be uploaded as a completely new pic.

Here’s a method how you can move your Facebook photos from one album to another without losing your comments and likes. Suppose we want to move a picture from album A to B. Then open album A and click ‘Edit Album’ as shown below.















Now select ‘Edit Photos’ which will open all the photos present in that album.











After that select the pic you want to move from this album to another. Below that pic there will be a drop down list having name of all the albums in your Facebook account. Select the new Album’s name (Album B) from the drop down list.


Finally click save changes. This will move that pic to a new album. This will also show the moved pic on your profile as an update and in the news feed of your friends. Feel free to ask any doubt. 🙂

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  1. Seriously like the fresh appear. This article help to move photos from one album to another. Really it is very simple. Thanks a lot sauravjit for sharing this post.

    1. I know but there are thousands of other readers on this blog as well who are not techies and Google such things..

  2. Hi, is it possible to move photo’s from your profile pictures album to another album? I can’t see a way…

  3. That was the way for moving photos between albums, but now with the latest version of FB, it doens’work. How can I do it? When i press the button “Edit Album” I don’t see this new window , and i don’t have “edit photos”….? When i press “Edit ALbum” I just can see all of my pics in that album , but without tha option with drop down list… 🙁

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