10 Most Popular Posts This Week! [28 Nov – 04 Dec 2011]

This week we had only 10 posts published but a lot of social interaction to them. WordAds was introduced, so was the new Google bar but the most popular post was about Facebook committing to better privacy in the future ahead.


10 Most Popular Post This Week!

  1. Facebook Commits to Better Privacy, But Will You Trust It?
  2. 5 Reasons Google Music Could Win Against Apple’s iTunes!
  3. New Google Bar Brings Search Across All Google Products
  4. YouTube’s New Design is Available!
  5. WordAds – WordPress Competition to Google Adsense
  6. How Chrome Raced to 2nd Spot in 2 Years! [Browser Wars]
  7. [Showdown] Google+ Vs. Twitter
  8. Create an Address Book of Your Twitter Contacts
  9. Qwiki – View Video Presentations On Any Topic!
  10. Best App for Twitter on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Do drop in your comments on which post was your favourite this week.