Gocodes WordPress Plugin to Hide your Affiliate links

The way we monetize our blogs have changed in recent pasts. From the conventional Google adsense, it is moved to affiliate and other advertising opportunities.  When it comes to affiliate marketing, you grab an affiliate link for your favorite affiliate product and share it with your readers. One major problem with these affiliate link is they are ugly and very long and most of the time users tend to avoid clicking on such links.

For example I;m an affiliate of Hostgator webhosting and default affiliate link which I got from them is

Before: http://secure.hostgator.com/~affiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=denharsh

After Gocodes WordPress plugin: http://wpveda.com/go/Hostgator/

Some how I personally find this affiliate link to be ugly and non-clickable.  When it comes to wordpress we have many ways to hide affiliate links and easy way to do is by using plugins. When you search for affiliate plugins for WordPress, you might find many plugins which are paid. Obviously usage are slightly different from plugin which I’m talking about (Gocodes WordPress plugin).

Gocodes WordPress plugin is very useful plugin for affiliate marketers who are on WordPress and who wish to make their ugly looking affiliate links into  clickable link.

Here is a screenshot of Gocodes WordPress plugin :

Gocodes WordPress plugin
Gocodes WordPress plugin

This is one such plugin which I suggest to every affiliate marketer and bloggers who are using affiliate links into their blog posts. This plugin also count how many times link redirect is used.
I will be coming up with tutorial on how to use Gocodes WordPress plugin in next post. Meanwhile download and try this plugin from official WordPress plugin page.

Do let us know are you using this plugin on your blog or if not, which affiliate WordPress plugin you are using for your blog?

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umashankar November 19, 2011

This is what i need 😀