3 Great Add-ons to Enhance CCleaner

CCleaner is the most preferred system junk cleaner and one of the top reasons is its features can be extended using 3rd party Add-ons. These Add-ons can make CCleaner less annoying and even these are portable. Here’s a list of the 3rd party Add-ons for CCleaner which are worth checking!

#1. Click and Clean


In CCleaner, to delete browser junk (cache,cookies etc), you need to close the browser but with Click and Clean browser extension installed you can delete your browser cache, history etc when it’s running. It’s also available as a desktop application. Its desktop application looks pointless to me, because it does nothing except removing prompts while cleaning the junk with CCleaner. The browser extension works with IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Link: Download Click and Clean

#2. CCEnhancer

ccleaner 1

Generally, CCleaner doesn’t support cleaning junk from 3rd party applications (excluding browsers and Adobe flash) but with CCenhancer you can delete temporary files, logs created by over 500 3rd party applications and thus you can gain more disk space! 😉 The program is updated with new rules regularly so make sure you run the downloader occasionally.

Link: Download CCEnhancer

#3. CC Auto Updater


With CC Auto Updater you can automatically update all Piriform softwares installed on your system including CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler and Speccy. You can either add to system startup or even specify date and time to schedule the updates. As Piriform updates CCleaner regularly this tool might come handy for Piriform fans. It doesn’t install on Windows XP SP2 but hopefully it supports Windows XP (SP1 and SP3), Vista and 7.

Link: Download CC Auto Updater

So, have you tried these tools? What’s your favorite pick? Tell us through the comments section!


WebPromo June 9, 2011

These are great add-ons, thanks for providing

Noushad September 26, 2011

Kaspersky reports as Trojan Virus and deleted the exe…!!!!????

Noushad September 26, 2011

Kaspersky says click and clean as Trojan

Vibin September 26, 2011

No, Click and Clean isn’t any trojan. Disable Kaspersky temporarily and install it.