[Software] Open Any Type of File with Free Opener

clearFreeOpenerFree Opener is a Freeware tool which can open most of the files, to be specific it supports 70+ different file formats. It’s extremely useful for me, as I’m an download junkie and my downloads folder gets clogged up with files of different formats.

Certainly I don’t like to download all the software which are used to view the respective files.

With Free Opener, I don’t need to download any other extra software to open rare file formats. The software’s idea is very innovative and it just does what it promises! Let’s take a view at its features.

free opener

Free Opener’s Features

  1. Supports 70+ different file formats including some rare formats like .vcf, .srt, .sql and more!
  2. Also opens Bit Torrent files (.torrent) and shows the files that can be downloaded through it.
  3. Free Opener can only open files, it cannot edit them*.
  4. You can print .pdf files and can also print preview them.

*It can extract compressed file formats like .rar, .zip, .7z etc

It does not support E-book formats like .epub which is disappointing. I’m sure that you cannot use this as a default file viewer but this software is a must have.

Drop in your opinions after trying this tool!

Link: Download Free Opener


Mahen June 9, 2011

So if you don’t like to download a software to open those files why do you bother to download those files in the first place.?

Aditya Kane June 9, 2011

a lot of times we download zip files which might have more than we bargained for. TO open such files it would be nice to have a single software than to just download a new software for every different type of file.

Vibin June 10, 2011

@Mahen Let’s say my friend sent his Vcard (business card) to me which is of .vcf format and I need to view it, now I need MS Outlook for it. If you’ve Free opener then you can view it without having MS outlook installed on your windows! This is just an example, Free opener can open many such rare formats!