Download Twitter Based Instant Messenger for Your Desktop!

Sometimes I tweet about a problem and it starts a conversation on Twitter. The conversation is really useful only to the people discussing the topic and sometimes it is better to take this conversation off Twitter and onto a chat service.

The problem with Twitter is that, unlike Facebook or even Orkut, it does not support chatting with your friends.

Joint IM is a service which allows users to chat with our Twitter friends.


Joint Instant Messenger Features

  • Download the Instant Messenger and login with your Twitter ID and password.
  • The messenger opens with the ability to search through your Twitter contacts.
  • Contacts can be invited on Joint IM to you both can chat when online at the same time. The chat can be one on one or even group chats.
  • The invitation is sent via Direct Message, which means Joint works with only people who follow you back.
  • The only drawback seems no easy way to send tweets on the instant messenger.

Usually when it comes to messaging online, I prefer using Gmail or Skype. But I have noticed that Twitter contacts usually are created independent of your social circle on Facebook, Gmail.

If you are a Twitter addict and have great conversations with some friends, it is not a bad idea to the conversation off Twitter and onto a messenger.

Thanks to Muru0410, for the tip. Do drop in your comments.


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Prashant Rohilla May 8, 2011

Hey i think Direct chat is supported by Twitter for Blackberry and Uber Social (i am using both ), Even then Joint IM for desktop Is cool app 1