5 Most Wanted Features For iPhone 5!

When the whole world was waiting for the iPhone 5, Apple announced the iPhone 4S and it was probably a disappointment for many of us. Yes, the iPhone 4S is rather good, it has an updated processor, a better camera, iOS and Siri, but still it seems to be just a small update from the original iPhone 4.

There are some features I wish the iPhone 4S had. One can not lose hope and maybe Apple will place all the following features in the iPhone 5.

#1. 4G compatibility

4G HSPA+ is the fastest network at the moment, but the new iPhone 4S does not support it – its maximum is 14.4 Mbps/downlink. There are many Android phones that are now 4G compatible and I believe Apple should also work in this direction.

#2. New design

The new iPhone 4S looks like the old iPhone 4 and that is something some users might not be happy with. iPhone phone models stand out and it would be better to see a slimmer and more lighter phone when compared to iPhone 4S. I would be pushing the boundaries but that is what Apple is famous for.

#3. More powerful battery

The original iPhone 4 has a Li-Po 1420mAh battery and the battery on iPhone 4S is only 1432 mAh, which obviously is not a big change for battery time. Also initially there was an issue with iOS5, that drained the battery too fast. The issue was fixed in the 5.0.1 update.

#4. A bigger display

The iPhone 4S has the same little 3.5-inch screen as the original iPhone 4. The display has a very good quality and high resolution (960 x 450), but people now prefer bigger screens on phones. I doubt they will upgrade their screens size significantly, as that might have some effect on potential iPad customers but it could really help people using their iPhone for accessing the internet and reading on it.

#5. NFC

NFC is one of the best technologies of future – it gives you the opportunity to pay in stores via your mobile phone. Many other manufacturers are trying to implement this feature on their phones and a majority of them run on Android. If iPhone 5 has NFC enabled on it, it probably would end up stealing a lot of Galaxy Nexus customers.

What else would you want with a new iPhone 5? Do drop in your comments.

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