Pinterest – A Potential Goldmine for Brands!

In my view Facebook and to some extent Twitter are real successes in the social media story. Google+ might be growing but it has a long way to go yet. LinkedIn is nice, but it’s focus is on professional profiles. So when a new social product come up for discussion, I get a little apprehensive.

I felt the same way about Pinterest, before testing it out. I mean what it essentially did, was allowing users to share URLs with friends on Twitter and Facebook in an organized way. Social bookmarking is not exactly something new.

That said, Pinterest is very addictive and has a simple way of sharing things you are interested in.


Pinterest Features

  • Pinterest as the name suggests, is like an online pinboard of things you are interested in. You need to Pin (bookmark) a page your found interesting and add a description.
  • One can also assign categories or pinboards. This allows people to share things in a relevant way, such as book reviews can be shared in a board named “Books I like Reading”.
  • Pinterest seems to be visually rich, in the sense it tries to capture your attention with images from the link you have shared rather than its title. This is a departure from bookmarking sites like say Delicious or Google Bookmarks.


  • Users can hook up their Twitter and Facebook account to Pinterest, and share what they pinned. Make sure you do not

A Potential Goldmine for Brands

First thing that strike you about Pinterest are the number of brands being endorsed by people. Pinterest does not really concentrate on building a network but more like a showcase of your interests. Most people share these things publicly, as it is about endorsing a product, brand, book or even a type of service.

At the moment, Pinterest is only by invitation and still is attracting a lot of interest. But the next few months will tell us, if it a social product that will continue to grow and become more interactive.

Are you on Pinterest? Register for an invite here and check it out. Also drop in your comments and views about Pinterest.

Link: Pinterest

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sai January 31, 2012

really very interesting explanation adtya 🙂