5 Reasons Google+ Party Continues Even as Traffic Drops!

Google+ might have received a lot of rave reviews and fantastic response in its early days. So many people joined up immediately, that it raced to 10 million users in 2 weeks. It’s user-interface and features like hangouts made me even wonder about the 5 top companies which Google+ might put out of business.

Latest numbers from Hitwise, suggest that visits to Google+ are dropping. They are dropping fast while overall growth is still continuing.


So does this mean the Google+ party is over? Not by a long shot and here are five reasons.

Why the party continues!

  1. It could be a temporary slump. Google Plus is only a few weeks old and there is no historical data to really compare or predict a lack of growth or downfall of Google Plus.
  2. Google Plus is new and it saw a huge early interest from people. This interest drops and usually visits plateau out. Once this happens, Google will have to keep putting out new features and options to see a steady growth.
  3. Google Plus had the ‘by invitation’ strategy to get people interested in look at the new service. Once Google Plus goes open for all, a lot more people will obviously join in and start using it.
  4. Also once it is open for sign-up for everyone we might see numbers go up.  Also new features like games and easy share buttons once introduced will automatically make it more interactive and shoot up traffic.
  5. Finally, this data does not take into account all the visits from mobile applications and recently Google+ has released apps for both Windows7 and iOS platforms. This might mean a lot more people are now using Google Plus via mobile phones and not a browser.

What are your views? Should Google+ be worried with this drop in visits? Do drop in your comments.


Osho July 30, 2011

No Need To Worry Google+ Will Rock 🙂
Wait For Official Launch 🙂

Jagan Mangat July 31, 2011

Absolutely Mr-Aditya,people might be using G+ via mobile devices instead of Desktop Browsers.5 Points damn true.

Aditya Kane July 31, 2011

Well further data from next month will give a more realistic picture of Google+.