Email Wars: Now Microsoft Pokes Fun at Gmail’s Ads

Yesterday, I wrote a post on how Gmail was hinting that email services like Hotmail were old-fashioned. Microsoft not to be outdone, has also poked fun at Gmail. The point it makes is that Gmail scans through your email contents, which is comparable to the mailman looking through your letters.

According to ZDNet, the leaked video was shown at the Microsoft Global Exchange conference. The clip made it out and Microsoft has not confirmed nor denied that they were involved in the clip spoofing Gmail.

The spoof, points towards Gmail and suggests it has no regard for user privacy with the quote “Your email is your business, Gmail makes it theirs”

Difference between the two ads

Gmail points not to their rivals lack of features but showcase their own features which are impressive. They suggest AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo are old-fashioned but it did not really attack these services, keeping the focus on its superior features.

Microsoft has interestingly, attacked the “don’t be evil” motto of Google, suggesting that Google has no regard for privacy.

In the end the service which is intuitive and makes email usage easy, will come out the winner. At the moment for me that service is Gmail.

What about you? Do drop in your comments.


Outspoken July 29, 2011

Actually, ALL providers read your e-mail. Otherwise their spam filters would be pretty poor…
Anyone at Hotmail who has access to customer data can read your e-mail anyway.

Aditya Kane July 29, 2011

Agree to your point. But Gmail is not entire correct either when they say they have features which others do not. I guess it all comes down to user interface and other factors like uptime and easy customization.

Kamal August 2, 2011

People avoid to use Microsoft as it firstly require to make a connection but their is no such thing in gmail, so its difficult to judge which one is best.