5 Twitter(web 2.0) application websites Which You Should Try

Twitter is the best Social-Networking website. Its gaining the great prominence all-round the world. Its been the best platform that was designed ever for Business, Marketing, Sharing, etc.

With about more than 50 Million tweets daily and 600 tweets per every seconds Twitter is making its impact in the web. Bagging such a tremendous craze, few authorities were been concentrating on the Twitter applications. As a result, they have even created the dedicated websites for twitter that which are making the user’s work quiet easy. In that I have listed the top 5 web 2.0 twitter application service providing websites. Check them out

  1. TweetValue
  2. GroupTweet
  3. TweetTube
  4. Twtmaps
  5. Nearby Tweets

TweetValue : TweetValue is a recently launched Twitter application that tells the Twitter users, how much their profile is worth. Its pretty easy to use it. Just type your username of Twitter. Then it will display you profile worth.  You can also display the worth of your Twitter profile by using the nifty badges on your webpages.

GroupTweet : This applications helps you to send the private messages to specific group of your friends. You need to create a private group account within Twitter and register that group at GroupTweet, such that all the members of the group should follow it to receive the messages. And if you send the message to that group account, GroupTweet will convert that into the direct message and will forward it to the members of the group.

TweeTube : TweeTube is online as well as  iPhone application that lets you to share pictures, videos, bookmarks and other stuff on Twitter. At the site you can see easily share 25 sec Webcam video(this is only meant for Mac OS X). In order to share click on the service which you are going to use. enter the information, give your twitter name and password and then click on share.

Twtmaps : Twtmaps is a new application that allows you to enter your username that gives the map that shows all you friends locations as well as little information about your friends. You were also given provision for multiuser search also.

Nearby Tweets : This application is developed by Brian Cray.  Nearby-Tweets is a geo-centric Twitter tool that which locates your nearby tweeters by using the Google Maps. This is completely a flexible tool that helps you to not only view the tweeters who are tweeting nearby your location but also you are allowed to search for tweeters from other locations too.

Do share your Favorite Twitter web2.0 tool. Also check out


Mayur February 27, 2010

Nice list there! I was aware of Grouptweet and tweetube but, others are also good. One of the twitter app that I would like to add this list is managetwitter, one of the most powerful management tool that I came across for twitter.

sidduz February 28, 2010

@Mayur Glad the you liked the list and also thanks for your suggestion

Abhishek March 12, 2010

Nearby-Tweets is great app to try !!

sidduz March 19, 2010

Yup it helps us to build relationships with the techies near our region…