5 Twitter Apps Recommended for Corporate Users

Twitter has come a long way from being a platform for exchanging short messages among friends. It is now reckoned as one of the most powerful channels for web marketing. Entrepreneurs, blog owners, marketers have all understood the importance of Twitter in their daily lives. The success Twitter enjoys can be largely credited to the amazing applications that make Twitter much more fun.

There are numerous Twitter applications and toolbars to help you with every aspect of Twitter from growing to marketing. Let’s look at some of the tools that are must for corporate users.


TweetMeme aggregates all the links posted on Twitter and presents the most popular tweets. It segregates the links in various sections and sub sections. It also tracks the number of times a link has been retweeted. One of the most popular features of Tweetmeme is the plugin for blogs and websites.

The button provided by TweetMeme allows the blog to be retweeted easily and also provides the count of retweets the link has received. This button is not just easy to use but highly effective in popularizing your link. A high number of retweets gets the link on the home page of TweetMeme which is a great source of traffic.



If you have used Twitter for a while, you would know how necessary it is to have an application that manages your Twitter stream. TweetDeck is one of the best Twitter Desktop applications that lets you manage as well as post your tweets. You can manage multiple accounts with Tweetdeck and view replies, DM’s and your own tweets in separate columns which are configurable.


Twitter Search

Such was the popularity of this Twitter app that the ruler of web world had to partner with Twitter to make its search results live. Twitter search is a great way to know what people are saying right at this moment. It can help a corporate track its brand by scanning through tweets on the key words. A simple search result can give out a lot of information for prompt and immediate actions. Twitter Search has already been adopted by many companies which believe in word of mouth and care about the feedback of consumers.


Buzzom Premium

This recently launched service from the Twitter application Buzzom is a must for any corporate user looking to better his Twitter performance without spending lot of time on Twitter. Buzzom has long been known for a host of services they offered for free. While Buzzom continues to be free, Buzzom Premium charges a nominal amount of $10 a month.

The features they offer include tracking your tweets, tracking your account, managing your DM’s, automatically growing your account randomly or by searching through keywords you specify, scheduling your tweets so they get automatically posted on twitter while you are away. The best part about this service is the price they are offering it at!


Tweetmeme Analytics

At a price range that starts from $50 a month for a domain, TweetMeme Analytics has been clearly targeted for business and website owners. It lets you track the performance of your domain on Twitter through the links posted. It’s extremely difficult to measure ROI when it comes to marketing through social media. It becomes absolutely important then to know what helps in bringing traffic to your domain.
TweetMeme Analytics helps you in this by providing you the informatory data such as user demographics interested in your content, users who have brought high retweets etc.


Which Twitter tool do you suggest for marketing and for webmasters?


Joe Orgill January 22, 2010

I’m retired programmer currently teaching basic computer theory and Office 97. Have used your awesome tool for several months now, and I congratulate you on the simplicity, and usefulness of it.

One question: nowhere can I find comments on billing guidelines, is the $10/month a contract (auto deduct from credit card), or do I manually pay it online each month ?

Joe Orgill