5 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Designers

Google chrome is one of the best browsers for designers because it provides lots of extensions to make your designing task easier. Designer have to use lots of different tools for making the design perfect but switching from one software to another can be time consuming for each and every simple task. Thus, I have handpicked few Google Chrome extensions for Designers to save the time and stay productive.

  • Webpage screen shot:

Webpage Screenshot extension helps you to capture the web page quickly. It can save the whole webpage even if it is long  with just a click. You can also use the tools to edit screenshots like resize, crop, using arrows etc.

Webpage screenshot

Link to Install

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  • Eye Dropper:

With Eye Dropper you can select the option “pick the color from the webpage”. Next click the button and move the mouse to select the color on webpage with left click. Now you have to click on Eye Dropper Extension again to check the results.

Eye Dropper

Link to Install

  • Color Picker:

If you are not happy with Eye Dropper Extension, you can go for Color Picker. It provides the Hex and RGB color codes of any clicked color. You can also adjust Hue, Saturation or Balance and copy the color into Hex box to preview it.

Color Picker

Link to Install

  • Image Cropper:

Image Cropper helps you to crop any image in HTML element. It also crop CSS background images and save it in PNG format. You just need to select the area and with “Right Click” you can easily save the cropped image.

Image Cropper

Link to Install

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  • Resolution Test:

Resolution test extension helps you to change the size of the browser window to preview the websites in different screen resolutions. You can easily customize the options according to your needs.

Resolution test

Link to Install

I hope you will enjoy these Google Chrome extensions and if you know more extension useful for designers, do share with us.


Gautam June 3, 2010

I would switch to Google Chrome if there’s a Firebug extension for it!

Ruchi June 12, 2010

Gautam, as Navin suggested Firebug lite is useful extension you can give it a try.

Navin June 3, 2010

Gautam, there is one(firebug lite).. search google chrome’s extension’s page…..

Ruchi June 12, 2010

Thanks Navin for reply.