Using Chrome to keep Windows clean

Using Chrome to keep Windows clean with Click and Clean Chrome extension which can clear up all browsing data along with also use other Windows features like add/remove software and Defragmentor

Now a days since we have more or less moved away from Email clients and also end up using documents which are stored online the chances are we end up spending more time on a browser than we do on any other application on a PC.

It is probably one of the main reason why Google came up with Chrome so that we can use all their online services more efficiently and also will make Google less reliant on other browsers. Chrome has a great extension called Click and Clean.

  • The extension allowed me to clean up all the web history on Chrome, Java Cache, Silverlight cookies and also all Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO).
  • Also allowed me to empty out Recycle Bin. It has shortcuts to other system facilities like Defragmentor, Device Manager and also Add/Remove Program.
  • The best feature of this extension is that I do not need to use Windows at all while I am using Chrome browser as I can start up almost any program and also carry out any cleaning and maintenance operations right from my browsers.

If you are a Windows users using Chrome then installing Click Clean is a must.

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Download Link: Chrome Click and Clean