5 Ways to Make Facebook Better in Chrome


Starting with Better Facebook, there are many extensions available at Chrome Webstore to enhance Facebook’s functionality and remove unwanted stuff from it. Some of the new features like Facebook Questions which turned out to be a big spamming portal and Facebook photo theater are not liked by many of the Facebook junkies and this lead to development of many browser extensions and user scripts.

Here’s a list of top 5 extensions which can change the way you use Facebook.

#1. Better Facebook


An all-in-one extension for Facebook with ability to add tabbed news feeds, hiding posts you’ve already read, zooming photos, adding custom CSS skins/themes  and more. You can disable some of the annoying features of Facebook, like Photo Theater and Comment box update.

Link: Better Facebook

#2. Facebook Runner


How much time do you spend on Facebook daily? Facebook Runner answers this question! You can integrate it with Facebook homepage also! It also provides interesting statistics like average time you spend on Facebook everyday and Percentage of Facebook usage when compared to your whole internet usage.

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Link: Facebook Runner

#3. Di.slik.es – Dislike button for Facebook


Don’t know why Zuckerberg hadn’t thought of this! It adds a dislike button beside the like button, one thing you need to remember is, Di.slik.es follows your Facebook privacy settings, so if you’ve set your privacy settings such that only your friends can see your likes, then similarly your dislikes can be seen only by your friends (who have installed Di.slik.es extension ).

Link: Di.slik.es

#4. Facebook Disconnect

Facebook tracks your visits when you browse any website that uses Facebook connect and also Facebook has a bad history of leaking personal information to advertisers for money! After installing this extension, you won’t be seeing Facebook like widgets in websites and you won’t be tracked by Facebook.

Link: Facebook Disconnect

#5. Hide Facebook Questions


As I said, Facebook Questions has grabbed lots of love from spammers and this extension will get rid of them. I hope Better Facebook will definitely add this feature to their extension in the next release, up to then stick to Hide Facebook Questions extension.

Link: Hide Facebook Questions

So, what are your views on these extensions? Speak your mind!