Google has lost 10% of its search market share

If Bing and Google were competitive boxers instead of search engines, then Bing would be the underdog and Google the overwhelming favourite to win. But over the last year according to a report by Compete, Google has been given a real counter punch.

Google has lost the search market share by an astounding 10%. The reasons have been primarily a consolidation by Bing powered search engines which now includes Yahoo search.

Why is Google losing share of search market?


The answer is complicated but mainly over 2 years, Google search has been perceived as lacking in innovation. Also previously, people would search for any content on Google, now people tend to use Facebook for discovering new content through friends.

Also Twitter has become increasingly popular medium to keep in touch with current events and news.

This is where people might be flocking away from Google.

Bing is not really a threat…

The obvious point to assume is that if Google falls, Bing rises. That is not necessarily true as Microsoft is still pushing great amount of money into its internet services including search but are not making profits of it.

This means, Google is still the only profitable search engine around and as long as that is happening, Google will still rule the internet.

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salman June 30, 2011

people use Facebook for searching but they can’t gives a result like Google.They improves their searches day to day.Google news is cool for tracking most important news.but if you love specific topic than Facebook and twitter much useful.