The Simplest Way to Search for Print Advertisements – Moat

Every one interesting in marketing to even design, likes to look up print advertisements online. I too find it useful and educational to learn how advertisers give out a powerful message from just a message.


The problem with searching for such print advertisements is that it is difficult with Google or other search engines. With Moat, I could search only for advertisements.

Moat search can be used only to search for advertisements online. Many of them are print versions which can be found on the internet.

It may still not have some local brands but it is quite good at searching for popular international brands.

If you are following a couple of brands and their marketing strategies, then it might be a good idea to search with Moat to keep up with the latest ads.

It also can be used just as entertainment, as advertisements always fascinate us.

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Link: Moat

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Premslog June 27, 2011

Nice Info ,Thankyou for Sharing This