Temporarily Remove Any Element from a Webpage with Your Browser

There are parts of a webpage which you do not want to really use. For example when you see a Facebook public post or profile, it also shows a login box, which you might not be interested in.

We can do this with Dynamite Extension for Chrome browser or Nuke Everything Add-on for Firefox.

For instance in the example below, I will be removing the highlighted element or part from the webpage I am viewing.

I am using Chrome extension Dynamite to show how it works. Just right-click on a selection select Dynamite icon and select hide element.

The end result that element from the webpage is removed immediately.

Ideally, these are very useful tool for web designers to check how the webpage would look by removing certain elements.

You might also like to check out the following extensions which are helpful for web designers.

Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: Dynamite on Chrome | Nuke Everything for Firefox


Ravi kumar December 1, 2012

Nice information for Web Designers and Web Developers to check their design by removing some tool. Thanks Aditya as usual…great information

Vijendra December 5, 2012

great information for web designer