Add Co-Owners to Orkut Communities

A great news for all orkut community owners. A recent feature from orkut will enhance security against community hijacking as well as loosing community when your account gets deleted or compromised.

This new feature let you add 2 co-owners beside 10 moderators.

Co-owners will have following powers…

  • A co-owner can gain ownership of the community in case the owner’s account is compromised or there is a transfer in ownership.
  • If the community is deleted the co-owner can undelete it and become the owner.

Also when a community is transfered or deleted, any previous owner or co-owner within the last 15 days can assume ownership of the community by clicking on the ‘gain ownership’ link visible only to them. The owner or co-owner who had owned the community earlier will have priority for assuming ownership.

Steps To Add Co-owners

#Method 1: When you click on add co-owner link, you will be taken to a page where you can search community memebers by name and choose upyo 2 members to grant them co-owner privilege.

orkut comunity - Add co-owner link-2.jpg

orkut comunity - search co owner-1.jpg

#Method 2: Searching is little tedious and fancy profile names on orkut makes it more complicated. So better click on manage icon as highlighted below beside member names on community pages. It will open options specific to that members, where cilckin on grant co-owner privilege will make them co-owner.

This method is better in case you want to choose co-owners from moderators.

orkut community - Manage Member Link-1.jpg

orkut - Manage members - grant co-owner privilege-1.jpg

Finally if you really love your community and want to protect it anyhow, you can create a backup account on orkut and make your second profile co-owner.

(via Orkut Plus)

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Pavan Kumar May 6, 2008

Oh, nice feature…. can avoid deletion of popular communities with spammy owners….

Rahul Bansal May 6, 2008

Ya… In past, many XSS attacks on orkut were targeted towards community deletion.
I don’t know what will happen to communities orkut delete itself!

Debajyoti Das May 12, 2008

@ readers of this posts..

Remember… Never Make Any Untrusted person a Co-Owner.

Possibility that he/she will Ban you (owner) from the Community and take Over It himself. (If you are banned ,you can’t use the New Take back Feature from Orkut)

The same Problem will arise if your community’s co-owner’s profile gets Hacked (Not Impossible – Thanks top New Types of Phishing,JavaScript Techniques discovered regularly)

So choose your options Wisely…[;)]

Rahul Bansal May 13, 2008

Debajyoti Das
You are right. Thats why I asked to create a fake account and add it as co-owner. 🙂

sachin July 13, 2008

sombody is create my fake account Sachin Dgay,,,,, ,,,,, and this account someone dail doing accsess so please my fake account…..please help men if u hav any proof my id n whtever so sent to mail [email protected] please urgently delete this profile

Rahul Bansal July 14, 2008

First next time post your comments on relevant posts or use contact form.
Next read this article for help.

Gaurav July 22, 2008

hey buddy, is thr any way we can restore deleted communities. Well I am not fake or don’ wna hack anyone’s comm or profile, its jus’ dat the owner of the community “Indians in Melbourne” had deleted the community and her profile, somehow (maybe hacked or something happened, GOD knows) but it was pretty useful community for all the 650+ members added into that community. I was the only moderator of dat community and so ppl now sending me msgs askin’ y I deleted the community or someone else did it?

I would be thankful if any one of u guys here can reply to me at my mail id.

Thanks & Regards,

Rahul Bansal July 24, 2008

Hi Gaurav,
If there is a co-owner for that community, better contact his as he can undelete it.
Next you can request owner to send a request to orkut for community undeletion.
Details about form can be found here.

Karthik February 8, 2009

Hi all
I am a long living member of an orkut community.
It had an owner and now the profile has been hacked.
SO it has an inactive owner now
I want to become owner or atleast the moderator of the community because there are many spam posts spoiling the image of the community. Its big with many members
Is there any possibility

sunil March 18, 2009

Very nice idea

Naresh Gupta October 6, 2009

Yes! It’s nyc feature but…

There seems to be a bug in adding co-owner as “search option does not work” due to which we are unable to add the co-owner or the moderate.

animesh June 8, 2010

thanx ……………

anumol September 5, 2010

how to send request for joining my managed community?

Ariful September 30, 2011

my elder brother friends help to open a gmail account for my brother Tareq. And all data filled as his choice, that email use for a business contact. after many time my Elder brother friend change email data (except email address) from that profile. Recovery mail address, password, security question… all. so, my brother can’t access the account now. how can we recover this account?