Doof – A Social Network For Gamers

doof logo-1.jpgIf you are addicted to games and also use social networks like orkut, facebook to connect with other gamers, then can really make a difference to your life.

Rather than joining communities and groups or using various gaming apps at different sites, you can have a complete social gaming experience at doof.

As their homepage quotes,

doof is all about playing online games, making friends and having fun. We like to call it social gaming and we think it’s great!

Easy to use and full of surprises, doof is casual gaming and social networking at its best.

The site uses flash heavily but most online gamers anyway needs broadband to have real fun. Signing up is simple and free.

Following is screenshot of my doof account. They call it doofSpace… - my homepage-1.jpg

It has too many option to explore. Only thing I can say from my first experience, what flickr is to photos and youtube is to videos, doof seems to games! 🙂

Link: | List of Online Games


nauheed May 8, 2008

why the heck cant i open my doof account. doof is damn slow.please help me

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2008

Yeah its bandwidth intensive.
Don’t expect it to work smoothly on connections below 256 kbps… 🙁