Digsby Integrated Facebook Chat! Support for last.fm, Flickr & Digg on the way!

digsby integrated facebook chat

If you missed it, we reviewed digsby last month. It is a desktop application which integrate messengers, emails and social networking sites. (Read More…)

Also if you are on facebook then you must be enjoin recent facebook chat feature out there!

Now if you noticed one thing, facebook chat have no desktop software version. So if you hate to chat from your browser, you can use digsby to chat on facebook now.

From Digsby Preferences, click on Add IM Account option and you will see facebook chat there as shown below…

facebook chat option in digsby prefernces

facebook buddies in digsby chat list Once you done with adding facebook account part, your facebook buddies will appear in digsby chat list.

With facebook chat, another IM is added to digsbys’ list of supported network.

They are also working hard to integrate more and more social networks. In fact there is a official poll going on titled, "What Social Networks Do You Want Next?". You can vote for your favorites social networks if you want to see them in digsby.

I have voted for orkut as I am eager to see it on digsby. But with just 6% votes for orkut at the time of writing this, looks like orkut-digsby integration will take long time.

Last.fm is leading poll with 43% votes, followed by Flickr (32%) and Digg (31%). Considering popularity of these tree leading sites, we can expect them on digsby soonest!

Links: Download digsby (Read More)

(via Digsby blog)