How to add pages you admin on your Facebook profile sidebar

Again we have something for Facebook page administrators. Last time we told you that ‘Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page’. This time we will tell you how you can add your page to your Facebook profile sidebar. This will show your page just below your ‘Featured Friends’ list with a new list ‘Pages’. Let’s have a look at this very simple procedure.

Well if you want to show your pages on your profile you don’t need to change even a single thing on your profile. All you have to do is to open the page that you admin and want to show on your profile and go to its settings i.e click on ‘Edit Page’.

After that click on ‘Featured’ link given on the sidebar. Featured here means the highlighted pages or page owners. Click ‘Add Featured Page Owners’ after that.

It will open a small window showing all the people who admin that page. Select yourself or anyone so that the page can be added on your or other admin’s profile.

Click ‘Save’ and you’re all done. That page will now be added to your profile. Open your profile to see your page there.

Please note that your profile link will also be added to your page as ‘Page Owner’. You cannot remove any one of them, which means if your page is on your profile, your profile will also appear on that page.




ann September 9, 2011

thanks alot!!

Sauravjit September 10, 2011

Your welcome!! 🙂

Ram September 21, 2011

i was in need of this information for my page Indians’ Dream India thanks a lot

Sarah May 8, 2012

Okay I did these steps but my Page still doesn’t show up on my sidebar. I don’t even have a “Pages” list on my sidebar. Only friends, interests, apps and groups. How do I add the Pages list?