Why There Should be Only One Admin for Your Facebook Page

Facebook pages, a good way to interact with people who like your business, work or anything in common like an artist or a place. Most of the people have their pages as well on Facebook along with their profile. Some pages are with smaller number of fans but some are huge enough that people add anybody from page as it’s admin so that page can be managed by a small group of people like 3 or 4 persons. This posts tells you few reasons why you should keep your Facebook Pages with a single admin only. Check out the points below:

  • Co-Admins can remove Actual Admin: The worst thing about Facebook pages is that you can’t have an admin with lower privileges. Evey admin will have same power, that means if you make someone admin of your page, he can even remove you as the owner of that page. So it’s better if you admin your page yourself or make an admin someone you know personally. Never give administrator rights to a stranger from that page.
  • Who updated the page: If you keep more than 2 admins there will be a problem that nobody know who posted a particular update. What if somebody posted something abusive on that page? You can never figure out who posted that so administrator powers might get misused.
  • Admin’s profile got hacked: What if one of the admin’s profile got hacked? His profile as well as the page he admins both will be misused and even the hacker can remove you as admin or delete that page. But this might be beneficial too, what if your own profile got hacked? Co-Admin can save your page in that case 😉
  • Changing Page settings: Unfortunately you don’t get notifications while a co-admin changes anything in your page. Also you can’t check everything on daily basis to find out whether everything is fine or not. So keep  your page’s settings to yourself only.

Please add a point if I missed something, also do tell us what are your views about Facebook pages?


Irfan September 6, 2011

I think in that case one should appoint a trustworthy co-admin. 🙂

Sauravjit September 6, 2011

Exactly, just one trustworthy co-admin not more than that. 😀

Dominican September 7, 2011

just wanted to point something out, to protect your investment i believe it is important to have 2 admins on any page, but, both admins be YOU with different accounts.
The reason for this is say your facebook account gets deleted due to something unrelated, you violated their terms by posting a picture they didnt like ect. You would have lost all those fans you worked hard to get.
If you have 2 admins and both are you, you have a backup. The security issue is no problem, as you can make your passwords as secure as you want in both accounts since they are yours.

Sauravjit September 7, 2011

Yes that thing is mentioned in 3rd point. But for your information if any one of your admins violate Facebook terms then Facebook will ban all of it’s admin from that page not that particular one. I have a page like that only, I am still the admin but I can’t update that page. I can only delete comments or abusive content.

Prince September 9, 2011

Same issue has been already happened with me. Somebody has remove me from my own page & next day, he deleted my loving page also..
My all work, designing, moreover All 1000+ fans has been lost…

Sauravjit September 9, 2011

Sad to know that..Be careful in future. 🙂