Adobe Acquires Typekit

Adode has recently acquired Typekit, the company that has innovated a great deal when it came to web typography. They have done a lot of new and creative things when it has come to web fonts removing the need to embed customized text in the form of images or even flash.

Typekit has some very prestigious clients like New York Times, New Yorker, The Gawker network, Zynga and Twitter.

When Typekit started, using web fonts was a new concept. Today Typekit serves up over 3 billion fonts per month across over a million websites.

Having Typekit in its kitty will be a big deal for Adobe.

What will Typekit gain?

Typekit does mention that they will be able to serve up fonts faster via cloud storage thanks to Adobe. We might see integration with Photoshop which would be hugely useful for web designers.

Other new improvements that could be beneficial for Adobe is that Typekit already has a big presence in serving up fonts on browsers and mobile gadgets. The future of web browsing might be with mobile or tablet browser and I guess Typekit acquisition makes Adobe well positioned to serve in that expanding niche.

Some concerns on the acquisition

There are a few concerns about Adobe buying a company like Typekit. Mainly Typekit users are worried about pricing issues now that Typekit is an Adobe product.

Adobe is known to have notoriously high pricing for any licences they sell.  It would be interesting to see developments and how exactly Adobe handles Typekit.

What are your views? Do drop in your comments.


Rahul October 4, 2011

The first word should be Adobe instead of Abode

Aditya Kane October 4, 2011

@Rahul: Oops. Thant was a typo. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂