AJAX Style Orkut Album – Navigate Albums the fastest and simplest way!

UPDATE: Not working with NEW ORKUT! Due to lack of time I find its hard to update this. Anyway if you like this script then you may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates in future!

This is GreaseMonkey script which divides Orkut’s Album page into two section!

In Left section all photos are arranged in scrollable column like a vertical film stripe and in Right section one pic gets displayed at a time! You can click on any pic in left side film stripe and corresponding picture gets loaded in right section without reloading entire page!

You can see following screenshot to get better grip! (Click here to enlarge image)

Orkut Ajax Style Album

This script is as usual for firefox users so get that if you don’t have it already! If you are new to GreaseMonkey Scripts, then you may read GreaseMonkey Help!

Finally click here to install this script!

About Fastest Way… The Script fetches images dynamically thus saves bandwidth by not downloading entire page!

About Simplest Way… The Script let you jump from any image to any other image in completely random way. That too with thumbnails for better user experience!

Broadband users will get a feel that the orkut albums are available offline. It also works with dial-up connection (tested on 56kbps) without any error although when you click on a image it seems like script has stopped working but it will get loaded silently!

I am thinking of upgrading this script to add CACHING support so that all pics will be loaded in background and you can navigate whole album on single page (like its available offline).

Well your comments are all I am waiting for to go ahead! 🙂

Summary: Install Script | View Screenshot | GreaseMonkey Help


2007, July 30 – Minor Change. script will not work on your own album

2007, July 10 – Minor Enhancement. Added mouseover effect to highlight images in scrollbar. (Suggested by Bean)

2007, July 10 – Minor fix. Missing g flag in replace function.

2007, July 7 – Added Users Profile, Scrapbook, etc link whose album you are viewing. Thanks Ambily for bringing it to notice 🙂 [Ambily’s Comment]


mayank July 4, 2007

just need to say one word dude…..


a kool logic never thought of bfr.,.,.
had to be you…..
you just rock….

Rahul Bansal July 4, 2007

Thanks Mayank 4 encouraging Comment! 🙂

FAisel July 4, 2007

it is not installin da script instead its opening da script.. pls help me

Rahul Bansal July 4, 2007

Before Downloading Any GreaseMonkey Script!

  1. Download firefox if u dont have it!
  2. Install greasemonkey extension for firefox.
  3. Close all firefox windows and restart firefox.
  4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like! (Including Above)

Click here for more help!

shahzeb July 4, 2007

hw 2 do it bhai send me a link 2 do it….

Rahul Bansal July 5, 2007

There is nothing to “DO” for that effect!
This is just install-once-n-forget-forever kind of script! 🙂
Once installed correctly it will turn all Orkuts album into AJAX style as shown above.
If you are having problem while installing read above comment or contact for further help!:-)

aninha July 4, 2007


Rahul Bansal July 5, 2007

Thanx aniha for ur encouraging words! 🙂

Bean July 5, 2007

hmm… good work …….. must say that!

the thought of making it just as a offline album is also impressive.

best of luck

Rahul Bansal July 5, 2007

Thanks for luck bean! 🙂
Infact I was planning to release both versions together but later I thought I should check response to this script before investing more time.
Anyway the other script will be ready soon and I am trying to add some CSS so that it will seem like TRUE Offline! 🙂

Ambily July 6, 2007

Great 1 buddy!!!

But a small bug ,and i know that u can fix it.

Can u please add a link in da album page that takes u back to the profile page , which is missing in the present script…

for your help please have a look at the image link

waiting 4 ur updated version…

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2007

Thanx Ambily for bringing it to my notice!
Made necessary changes… Hope u will like this! 🙂

Ambily July 6, 2007

great work bro i knew u can do that…

really nice update

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2007

thanx yaar… U guys keep me going… 🙂

kabir July 10, 2007

hey bro though ur work is 2 good bt still thr is one bug…
thr is no option 4 right clicking the thumbnails on the left hand side and to open them in a new web page or new tab..
am sure u’ll fix it

Rahul Bansal July 11, 2007

Is it ok, if a link is provided beside image saying for ex “Direct Link” which u can open in same or new tab/window???
Just like a normal link! Let me knw! 🙂

kabir July 14, 2007

ya bro this would b fine…
waitin 4 the updated version…..

Ambily July 12, 2007

hey buddy a really BIG bug found…

just go to your own album after installing this script and try to delete any of ur images…

tell me if u can???

no,na then y not fix it rather than making those changes which kabir requested 4 ,
i dont think tat there is any need of a link for opening of the image in a new tab or window as it can be done by just right-clicking on the desired image and while keeping the ctrl key pressed just click on the “view image ” option from the drop down menu…

and the desired image will be opened in a new tab…

just give it a try…

but bro you please make changes in da script to delete specific image from our own album…

waiting 4 the updated version…

Rahul Bansal July 14, 2007

Well I got changes for all your needs in ma mind… Just I dont have enough time as I am on vacation….
Will give new version mostly by 20th July… 🙂

Hasni July 15, 2007

hye man you have such a nice script but one thing is that, when i click fan icon (for increasing my Fans) so Now it is not showing FRUS id, it is just showing javascript:void(0); thats it! so now how am i find this id….. i really need it,tell me plzzzzzzzz………. this thing im expecting from you, you can help me in this matter…. thx
my email address is
[email protected]

i’ll wait for your replay!!!!!!!!

Rahul Bansal July 15, 2007

Which script are you talking about dude??? :O
Also mention on which page what are u expecting??

amit July 15, 2007

not able to access orkut

Rahul Bansal July 15, 2007

You can read our post on proxies for orkut, myspace, etc! It worked for most of the people… 🙂

Ambily July 17, 2007

no probs dude u enjoy ur vacations..

as it is said “all work and no vacations makes DEVIL a Dull Boy” 😉

Eshwar July 21, 2007

How can I change the pic in my album………….

Rahul Bansal July 22, 2007

Either wait for next update (probably in a week) or Disable Script on your album!

Also you can try following…
1. Click on GreaseMonkey icon in right-bottom corner. It will turn GRAY!
2. Open up your album and change whatever pics you like.
3. Then again click on GreaseMonkey icon in right-bottom corner. It will turn again to BROWNISH color! 🙂

Rahul Bansal July 30, 2007

Now you can reinstall the script!
Made changes so that it wont work on your album…
This way u can do watever u want wth ur album… changing pics, captions, etc… 🙂

a December 9, 2007

dats no working ….

Rahul Bansal December 11, 2007

Ya I know its not working. Let me know if u want new version of this so I can upgrade it.

gowtham September 29, 2009

hey friend !!!!!!! greasemonkey is not installed for my browser. how to install it !!!!!!

hitesh April 21, 2010

first install firefox & then install gm……..