All in one Social Networking Platform: Sendible

We all know importance of Social Networking Websites for blogging. But sometimes it becomes tough to manage all of them effectively, to manage all my social networking accounts I use Sendible. Sendible is an online service which allows you to handle all your social networking for following Social Networking Websites:


This is user-friendly service which enables you to update and schedule all your social networking websites easily. Sendible is kept on updating its services like recently they added a feature to schedule your buzz and still there are many features which are going to be added in Sendible.


I prefer to use Sendible because I can do lots of things without much hassle such as:

  • Sending Email messages on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more.
  • Sending SMS, National or International, that too for free.
  • Tracking and responding to all the things said about you or your blog on Social Networking Websites along with posting the RSS feed of your blog automatically.
  • Scheduling messages on recurring schedules which is very useful while using Twitter.
  • Getting Reminders to my mobile phone through SMS or emails.
  • You can also Import all your Facebook friend’s birthday to calendar in Sendible.

You can register for free account as well as for paid account on Sendible, according to your requirement.

Which service you use to save your time on social networks ?

Link :  Sendible


Anshul March 30, 2010

That’s a good service but with a limit of 4 applications for free account I don’t think it’ll be very useful.. atleast not for a blogger.

Ruchi March 31, 2010

Agree with you Anshul. But using Sendible for four main networking sites like twitter, Facebook, Buzz , digg will really help you to save your time.

VISHAL March 31, 2010

Nice service for sharing stuff..Thanks for share

Ruchi April 22, 2010

Glad you find it useful Vishal.

geeta January 19, 2011

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