50 MBPS Broadband Connection from Bharti Airtel

When ever we talk about broadband connection in India, the most common problem whichAirtel_Logo we will face is broadband speed. The maximum speed which I have personally used from a home user perspective is 2 MBPS. Though Airtel speed on demand let me get 8 MBPS speed in the past but again paying 120rs/hour (2.5$) doesn’t sound affordable to me all the time.

Airtel has launched 2 new broadband plan for Delhi and Gurgaon :

  • 50 MBPS Broadband– Rs. 8999 per month
  • 30 MBPS Broadband– Rs. 7999 per month

The data transfer is not unlimited. 200 GB of free data transfer are allowed in this plan, that mean’s you can download lots of data with blazing speed.

Though this doesn’t seems like affordable by a normal home user but from a business perspective this plan seems to be very much effective. Right now we are using Tata internet connection in our office with backup connection from Airtel.

If you are an Indian broadband user, I will love to know your view on this new broadband plan from Airtel?


Dilip Nikam March 31, 2010

Actually the rate and Speed of Broadband plan India has is very high as compare to other countries.

tushonline April 1, 2010

Wow! Sounds interesting!
In my opinion – only sounds great! As again, the same problem with our ISPs!!

200 GB of data transfer for line of 30 & 50 Mbps! Too less. It should be min. 500GB for 50 mbps line. They should at least justify what they have to offer! isn’t it?

This plan is not bad where downloads is only restricted to work, mails & mail attachments!

ashu September 4, 2011

i have downloaded a 950 mb movie in 2 minutes its interesting