[Rumor] Android 4.3 to be Released at June 10th Event

A roundup of the latest rumors on the web showing a black Nexus 4 running the next version of Jelly Bean. Android 4.3 bringsa new Camera UI & small changes.

The Google I/O 2013 event did not feature a new Android version. Instead Google focused on bringing in upgrades to their existing products and services. But recently several sources are hinting the release of Android 4.3 on the June 10th event. Images of a black Nexus 4 running Android 4.3 have already popped up on the web. The images are from a Thailand Mobile Expo. The images show a black Nexus 4 running Android 4.3.

Considering the version ‘4.3’, it is pretty sure that this is just a minor upgrade of the current Jelly Bean version and not a brand new Android version. We have to wait for Android 5.0, named Key Lime Pie, a little longer.

Here are some of those images taken at the Thailand Expo by DroidDog.


The about information on the phone indicates Android version 4.3.


Among the images that have popped up on the XDA Forums, we can notice that the Android 4.3 version will be bringing a new Camera UI. The new Camera UI pushes the settings options to the bottom of the screen in the form of a semi circle, making it easy to access the settings and other controls. This video below shows a better view of the brand new Camera app.

Unverified rumours have also indicated a white version of the Nexus 4 being launched at the June 10th event. The other expectation is a new upgrade of Nexus 7 tablet is expected. The whole theory seems pretty logical.

The only issues seems to be the date. June 10 is also when Apple has its own WWDC event where it is expected to showcase iOS7. Two events by two rivals on the same day will have an interesting showdown.

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Arup Ghosh May 25, 2013

So before Android v5 , lots of 4.x versions are coming.

Arun Sathiya May 26, 2013

Yes, seems so. We’re not sure what Google is planning. :-/

Aditya Kane May 27, 2013

@Arup: I think Android 5.0 will be a bit step up – I think they want to take care of the fragmentation of Android platforms a little bit during Jellybean with tools like Android studio and more.