Are Apple iPad Sales Completely Defying Logic?

Yesterday, Apple’s March quarterly earnings reports were released. Apple’s declared strong sale numbers for iPhone and iPads. iPads are an interesting niche for Apple as it is selling tablets in numbers no one could have even dreamed about, let alone predict.

Apple had revenues of $39.2 billion while their net profit was $11.6 billion. Note these are earnings from Janurary to March 2012 and after the usual shopping season.

Apple sold an incredible 12 million iPads from January to March 2012. That number grew at the rate of 151% when compared to the same quarter from last year.

Now what is more surprising is that ‘New iPad’ or iPad3 was expected in March and people were waiting for the new version to come out before buying it.

The ‘new iPad’ was actually announced on 7th March, so for two months people were buying iPad 2 in record numbers even though they knew a new version was around the corner.

What makes iPad so special?

Apple as a company is a fantastic brand and all their products are pretty iconic. But iPad is a special case as the term seems to be used to refer to tablets, a lot like how Google is synonymous with search engines. Even the very popular iPhone never has had this sort of cult status.

Apple will probably keep selling more iPads than every for a long time to come unless Windows 8 gets things dramatically right. What are your views on Apple’s incredible sale numbers? Do drop in your comments.

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Santhej April 26, 2012

i really agree with what you have said in the above post….i don there are better devices than ipad in the tablet niche…lets hope that samsung beats them in future