Apple Launches ‘New iPad’!

A couple of years ago when Apple released the first version of their tablet called iPad, I was one of the many who thought it was just an enlarged version of iPod Touch. Fact was it was the screen size which made the difference to consumers. Apple had suddenly made the tablet niche very cool and tablets started selling like hot cakes. Last year, they showed up with iPad 2, which many would remember as Steve Jobs’ last appearance at an Apple launch. iPad 2 sold like hot cakes too and Apple were now the kings of tablets.

Today, Apple’s Tim Cook launched the third iteration of iPad and stepped away from tradition and simply named it ‘New iPad’ instead of iPad 3.

The New iPad Features

  • The new iPad has focused this time on the screen and viewing experience for users. The screen will  pack a 2048 X 1536 pixel resolution.
  • It will have also have front and back cameras. The cameras can record in HD (1080p) upto 30 frames per second with audio and video stabilization.
  • The big change with the new iPad is that it will support 4G while previous version only supported 3G.

Will Apple’s New iPad succeed?

The answer to that question is a bit tricky. iPad has enough brand value to excite new users from going ahead and buying iPad in the millions over the next year or so. Last year, Apple sort of set the expectation over iPhone a little lower with iPhone 4S. The phone was only a slight technical advancement (other than SIRI) over its previous version but Apple still managed to sell iPhone 4S in record numbers.

This could work with Apple’s New iPad too and it might go on the become the largest selling tablet. But 2012 is the year in which Microsoft will unleash Windows 8 for tablets, Google might launch a tablet device and other tablet makers like Samsung will keep improving. It could be a year when just a few upgrades to the iPad might not sound all that exciting.

That said a couple of things are clear with the new features of iPad. Apple is targeting media consumption on the new iPad and that might mean Apple ultra secret TV product might be just around the corner.

What are your views on the new iPad? Do drop in your comments.

Link: New iPad

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Nishan` March 9, 2012

Apple ready to win an another award for this tablet. Great features. Would love to have one….