Apple gets sued by company named “iCloud”

apple_logoLast week, I wrote about Apple’s new service called iCloud. It was a cloud storage service which Apple users can used to synchronize all their gadgets. But Apple has run into a small bump with the name iCloud. There is another company and it goes by the name “iCloud Communications” and was created in 2005.

iCloud Communications is now suing Apple for using their company’s trademark by naming their cloud service “iCloud”.

iCloud Communications is a VOIP Service for businesses and based in the US.

Who is to blame?

Well it seems, iCloud possibly rode the bandwagon to make their product sound fashionable. There are many companies around with the letter ‘’i” in front of them.

But, unless Apple has trademarked the letter “i” itself (which I find very unlikely :-P), they cannot use another company’s brand name for their own.

Also, this is a bit disappointing from Apple, considering I have read stories on how zealously they go about protecting their brand name and copyrights. So what should apply to a very large company, should also apply to a relatively unknown and small company. Right? Only time will tell. 😉

Do let me know your views on iCloud using Apple through your comments.



Ashish June 15, 2011

wow, if I am right I think the name “Apple” was also into controversy and S. Jobs won the case.

Aditya Kane June 15, 2011

Possibly, but I doubt Apple was registered as a company before Steve Jobs registered it. iCloud communications are actually in a similar business to Apple’s iCloud so their brand does get hit.